Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 542 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 542

“Why did they stick up for scumbag Hank?” Jasmine curiously added, “Did the Browns give something to make their time worthwhile?”

Serenity smirked. “My sister and Hank restructured the terms of the divorce. In line with the new divorce papers, Hank has to give my sister over a million bucks. I guess Mrs. Brown couldn’t part with the money, so she tried to get my granddad to talk to us.”

The Hunts were the sisters’ family by name after all.

“I wonder how much Mrs. Brown gave my granddad. Well, she’ll never see the money again. She’s usually bright when it comes to setting my sister up, but not this time. I guess she got flustered.”

There were no do-overs in life.

“Now that the matter’s over, you should get to work, Zachary.”

With the Hunts gone, Serenity urged her man to go to work

Although Zachary came with Serenity to the shop, he was not of much help. Serenity packed a hefty punch, so he would usually take a stand back and let her handle it.

A certain heir sulkily took off after with his wife urging him on

Back at the office, Zachary gave Jim a call.

Once Jim accepted the call, Zachary went straight to business. “Jim, get everyone to bring along tools to dismantle a house and head to Bright Boulevard in the afternoon. Assist the missus’s sister to move out and demolish the house.”

Jim respectfully responded, “Copy that.”

“You can stay out of this one. Serenity recognizes you.”

Jim replied after a pause, “Sir, although I’m acting as the designated driver, I can be taking on other jobs too. Home demolition is my thing.”

It would kill Jim if he could not partake in such a fun activity.

After much thought, Zachary said, “You can go along if you can come up with a story that won’t raise any suspicion in Serenity.”

Jim answered right away, “Relax, Mr. Zachary. I’m getting the hang of making up excuses. The missus won’t suspect a thing.” Zachary fell silent for a moment before eerily commenting, “Why do I get the feeling you’re implying that I make up a lot of stories?”

Jim was lost for words.

He would never have the guts to imply anything.

Zachary was cool about it though. The call soon ended.

Meanwhile, Jim sighed in relief after Mr. Zachary hung up the call. Lifting his arm, he wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead.

He broke out in cold sweat at Mr. Zachary’s grim comment in the middle of winter.

It was a good thing he secured the chance to assist in the home demolition for the missus’s sister

By the time afternoon rolled around, Liberty dropped her son off at the shop and asked her sister to look after Sonny.

“Liberty, do you want me there?” Serenity was worried an issue might arise. “Your parents-in-law gave Granddad and the others a little something. They came this morning and told me a bunch of stuff about saving the marriage. I told them to get lost.”

Passing her sleeping child over to her sister, Liberty uttered softly, “Sonny fell asleep on the way. He has already had lunch, so just let him have his nap.

“Hank called me earlier. We’re meeting at the time and place we agreed on yesterday. It seems he has convinced his parents.”

It did not concern Liberty that Hank might have a change of heart. Hank attached importance to his career and was in a hurry to be with Jessica, so he refused to let the matter drag on.

He did not want the whole thing hanging over him. Her mother-in-law tried to get her relatives to talk her out of a divorce?

Liberty wanted to laugh. Her mother-in-law deserved to lose money for being so dumb to trust Liberty’s relatives!


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