Married at First Sight Chapter 2289 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2289 by desirenovel“Ms. Caron, how are you doing?”

Julian asked Kiera if she wanted to go to Wildridge Manor.

Kiera first used her mobile phone to search for pictures related to Wildridge Manor, but she couldn’t find any.

Kiera: “I want to see the picture of Wildridge Manor, but I can’t find it.”

Julian: “You definitely can’t find it. It’s the York family’s mansion. The members of the York family live in this mansion. How could they let everyone take pictures casually? I can assure you that you will never regret it if you go.”

Kiera thought that Julian had asked for Young Master York, and she was indeed interested in the York family, so she agreed, “Then let’s go, tomorrow, is it convenient for you Mr. Bucham? I want to take care of the child tomorrow. let’s go.”

Julian: “It’s convenient at any time, and I don’t have to go back to the company every day. In the company, I have the final say. I have the final say on everything. Only I can control others, and others can’t control me.”

Except for his parents, no one really could control him.

“What about the afternoon?” Julian asked her.

Kiera replied: “I took the children for a walk in the nearby park in the afternoon. When we came back by car, we saw a big park nearby. The park was lush with trees and shaded from the sun.”

Julian: “There is a park nearby. In the afternoon, I will take you for a walk around the neighborhood. After visiting the park, I will take you to the food street. A street sells food. I guarantee that you and the children will like it.”

Kiera: “Okay, let’s get to know Wiltspoon briefly before coming here. I know the food street exists, but I don’t have time to go shopping yet.”

She had to take the students to the competition every day, and went out to a group of Hua Gulong, and she dared not run around with twelve children alone.

Accompanied by Julian, helping to take care of a group of Hua Gulong, Kiera felt relieved.

While the two were talking, the food was served one after another.

A table was filled.

Kiera said to him: “Mr. Bucham, you ordered too many dishes.”

Julian: “It’s okay, we can’t finish eating, we can pack it back and eat when we are hungry.”

Kiera smiled, “Mr. Bucham, will you also pack? I thought you big presidents, when you eat, you order all kinds of delicacies. If you can’t finish them, you don’t want them.”

She didn’t expect Julian to be so rich. When he went to a hotel to eat, he would pack it up if he couldn’t finish it.

This made her felt that Julian was very down-to-earth, and he had an added favor for him.

“I usually eat alone in the hotel. I only eat two dishes and one soup. The portion is just enough for one person, so that there will be no waste. Or I can go directly to the cafeteria on the first floor to eat. I can take whatever I want. I have money, but my money is not blown by the wind, and I need to work hard to get rewards. I know that making money is not easy, so I won’t waste it casually.”

Kiera gave him a thumbs up.

She liked such a man.

“Let’s eat, kids, you can eat whatever you like.” Julian greeted twelve children.

The kids looked at Kiera, and Kiera said, “Eat whatever you like, and eat as much as you can.”

After she picked up some food with the serving chopsticks first, her students started to move their chopsticks.

Julian paid attention to this.

He also ordered some food for himself, and after watching the children start eating, he said to Kiera, “They all listen to you, Ms. Caron. I noticed that they always look at you first when they do anything.”

When he gave gifts to the children, they also looked at Kiera, and Kiera signaled that they could accept it, and they accepted it.

The same went for eating.

Kiera said, “It’s their parents who taught them well.”

Julian smiled, “I think, your Caron family martial arts school not only teaches people how to practice martial arts, but also teaches students by precepts and deeds in how to behave in the world. People who learn martial arts are not very good at martial arts?”

Kiera: “Yes, it’s very important. Mr. Bucham, this dish tastes really good.”

Julian: “Wiltspoon Hotel is the largest and most upscale hotel in Wiltspoon. You have eaten at the buffet, but the food in the buffet is still not as good as you can order. The dishes cooked by senior chefs are more delicious.”


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