Married at First Sight Chapter 2291 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2291 by desirenovelSoon, Ben asked, “What’s going on?”

Since Elisa was his younger brother’s girlfriend and the two of them frequently went out as a couple, how could Patriarch Bucham come to propose marriage with a generous gift?

“Remy, do you want me to tell my grandparents and parents, and then we will come to visit with generous gifts, and help you propose marriage by the way?”

Ben felt that his family did not lose to the Bucham family.

His own brother was not inferior to Young Master Bucham.

Regarding Remy and Elisa, he never asked his family for help.

His parents, brother, and sister-in-law were very concerned about his love life, and he reassured his family that he would be able to catch up with the woman he liked and marry her back home to be pampered.

He said so, parents, brother and sister-in-law couldn’t interfere too much, they could only wait for his notice.

With Alannah’s personality, she wished she could spread her wings and fly to Wiltspoon to propose marriage to the Stone family for her youngest son.

But the younger son said that before the time came, they would not be allowed to intervene.

No matter how anxious Alannah was as a parent, she could only wait. After all, it was Remy who would marry a woman, and of course it depended on Remy’s wishes.

“The crisis is over now, but marriage proposals can also be put on the agenda. Zachary and Serenity are going to hold a wedding. Big brother and sister-in-law will come to attend the wedding, right?”

Remy asked.

Ben hummed, “That’s natural. Zachary attended my wedding with your sister-in-law. When it’s his turn to marry Serenity, your sister-in-law and I must attend.”

Jane and Serenity became friends again.

When Ben and Jane held their wedding, Zachary and Serenity were still having conflicts, and they didn’t confess his real identity to Serenity. For this reason, Zachary once asked Ben for help.

Ben: “When we go to Zachary’s wedding, will we go to the Stone Family to propose marriage?”

Remy said, “Okay.”

Ben: “I’ll call mom later, and tell your sister-in-law to ask mom and your sister-in-law to prepare generous gifts, and then go to the Stone Family to propose marriage. Remy, are you sure it’s all right?”

Remy: “I’m not sure, but it can’t be delayed any longer.”

After Ben was silent, he said: “I can see that the relationship between you and Elisa is very stable, and Elisa is worthy of your love. As for her parents and family, don’t worry, leave it to me, we will help you take care of it.”

Remy: “Thank you brother.”

Ben: “Thank you, we are brothers, and we all hope that you will be happy. Tell me about what happened at noon today, why Patriarch Bucham suddenly ran to the Stone Family to propose marriage.”

Remy sighed, and told his brother the whole story.

Ben: “…Fortunately, Young Master Bucham found his destined girl, otherwise this matter would not be easy to solve.”

Patriarch Bucham was crazy for his son.

Even if Julian said he didn’t like Elisa, but he did “pursue” Elisa, Patriarch Bucham would do everything possible to get the two of them married.

That’s a twist.

“I was scared to death.”

Remy remembered that the moment he received the news, most of the blood on his face ran away.

Young Master Bucham was difficult to deal with, at least let him know that Young Master Bucham was not sincere towards Elisa.

Patriarch Bucham was difficult to deal with. That is really difficult to deal with. No one could persuade or stop Patriarch Bucham.

So, when Remy received the news, he was really frightened, fearing that his sweetheart would be married.

Now, the matter was settled, but Remy was still afraid when he thought about it.

Only then did he ask his elder brother for help.

Ben understood and said: “I told you a long time ago that we should go to the business on behalf of your family. As long as my parents express their views, I think Mrs. Stone will dispel her worries, and you won’t let us intervene.”

Remy let his brother talk about him, but he didn’t speak.

“Okay, when Zachary and Serenity hold their wedding, we will go to the wedding and then go to the Stone Family to help you propose a marriage. Don’t worry, we will definitely do it for you, and you won’t be worried anymore.”

Mrs. Stone created several rivals in love for his younger brother, which made his younger brother fearful.

In order to marry Jane, Ben didn’t know how many rivals he k!lled behind his back.


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