Married at First Sight Chapter 2292 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2292 by desirenovelHe was even more difficult.

“It would be nice to get engaged first.” Remy felt that it was unrealistic to get married right away.

Like Callum and Camryn, they could get engaged first, hold an engagement banquet, and invite all the respectable people in Wiltspoon to attend; then everyone would know that he was Elisa’s fiancée.

Let’s see who still wanted to be a love rival with Remy.

Ben: “Well, I will definitely help you settle down, don’t worry.”

After confiding to his elder brother and asking his family members to come forward, Remy’s hanging heart was slightly relieved.

His native family was so good, as long as his parents, brother and sister-in-law were all dispatched, Mrs. Stone would definitely agree to his marriage with Elisa.

If not, his grandparents could also come forward.

“knock knock knock.”

There was a knock on the door.

Remy said to Ben: “Brother, I have a guest here, let’s not talk for now, you tell sister-in-law to let sister-in-law and mother start preparing generous gifts.”

Ben: “Okay, you go first. Don’t worry, my mother and your sister-in-law have been waiting to propose marriage for you.”

Jane’s favorite thing to do was to propose marriage. She was the elder sister-in-law, her attitude was very important.

If anyone had the opportunity to marry the Johnson family, they would all look at Jane’s attitude. After all, she was the elder sister-in-law and would be the head wife in the future.

Remy finished talking with his brother before answering in a deep voice, “Come in.”

The office door was pushed open.

Elisa came in with a bunch of flowers in her arms and several bags.

The bag contained two new suits, two new ties, and a gift box containing a Rolex watch.

This was her gift to Remy.

The guy freaked out at noon.

She gave him some gifts to calm his surprise.

In fact, she too was terrified.

Fortunately, things had been perfectly resolved.


Seeing that the person who came in was Elisa, Remy put down his phone, got up, walked out of the desk, and greeted her with a smile on his face, “Why are you here?”

Elisa: “Why, don’t you want me to come?”

Remy smiled, “How is it possible! I was thinking that you just returned to the company from your home, and you wouldn’t come here at this time.”

Elisa walked to the sofa on her own, put the bags on the sofa, turned around, and handed the bouquet of flowers to Remy who came over.

Remy took the bouquet, her eyes were gentle and affectionate, she locked her pretty facial features, and asked her in a warm voice: “For no reason, how can you send me flowers? Sending flowers has always been my monopoly.”

He often sent her flowers.

Even if the relationship between two people was stable, he would create surprises every now and then.

Especially after Julian started to “pursue” her, Remy was afraid that he would be compared to Julian, so he racked his brains and came up with all kinds of ways to compare Julian, so as to make the relationship between him and Elisa more firm, and also to make the relationship between him and Elisa stronger. The emotional scales of businessmen tend to favor him.

“Like it?” Elisa asked him.

Remy smiled and said, “I like it. Even if it’s a piece of grass, I like it.”

Elisa said playfully: “Then I’ll give you a straw next time, see if you like it or not.”


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