Married at First Sight Chapter 2294 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2294 by desirenovelOf the older brothers above Remy, only the third brother was still unmarried, but the third brother had a target, and he and Elisa were also in love. It was those ages from the sixth who were suitable, so they were worried about being targeted by the sister-in-law .

The old six and the seventh brothers all said that their scalps tingled when they saw the sister-in-law now, but they often saw the sister-in-law again, because everyone couldn’t resist Avah’s temptation.

Elisa knew that Jane had written novels before, and she even read the novels written by Jane.

She asked: “Did sister-in-law stop writing in the future? I think sister-in-law’s novels are very good. Maybe it’s because I never read novels. The first time I read it was the novel written by sister-in-law. After reading it, I think sister-in-law’s imagination is so rich.”

Remy: “Sister-in-law is very busy now, maybe she doesn’t have time to write, but she still writes occasionally, but she hasn’t published it. She uses our brothers as material.”

Elisa grinned, “You can ask sister-in-law to write you as the hero in her novel, and give you a bunch of beauties.”

Remy: “If I become the hero in her novel, the heroine must be you.”

Elisa laughed even wider. Suddenly, she hugged Remy’s neck and offered him a sweet kiss.

The beloved took the initiative to send a sweet kiss, and Remy naturally hugged her back unceremoniously, deepening the kiss.

After the kiss, Elisa’s hand landed on Remy’s face, touching it lightly, looking at him with affectionate eyes and a little apology.

Elisa: “At noon, I frightened you, I gave you a gift to suppress your shock.”

Remy poked her lips again, and said, “It scared me to death, you don’t know, when I received the news, my face changed, and my hands and feet were so scared that I couldn’t think of anything else at that time. One thing is that my beloved woman will never surrender to others.

Even if I want to turn against the Bucham family and become an enemy of the Bucham family, I will never let go!”

Elisa leaned against his chest and apologized softly: “Remy, I’m sorry.”

Remy hugged her tightly, “Don’t say these things to me, it’s not your fault, and it’s not your mother’s fault, I know my aunt appreciates me, she just thinks I’m far away.”

“In the future, I will not let what happened today happen again.” Elisa raised her head and promised him. “My mother, it’s loosened a lot.”

Remy lowered his head, put his forehead against hers, and said softly, “Elisa, I have something to tell you.”

Elisa: “Say it.”

“Before you knocked on the door and came in, my brother and I talked on the phone. My parents, brother and sister-in-law will come to Wiltspoon soon, not only to attend the wedding of Zachary and his wife, but also to propose marriage to your family.”

Elisa looked at him.

Remy thought she thought it was too early to propose a marriage, so she quickly said, “Whether it’s engagement or marriage, my feelings for you will never change, and I will always love you.”

Remy: “I won’t doubt your feelings for me.”

Elisa had trusted Remy 100% since she fell in love with Remy.

Maybe she would change her mind, but even Remy didn’t.

Of course, Elisa didn’t say this sentence, for fear that Remy would think wildly again.

“I’m afraid my mother will disagree. Although my mother has relaxed considerably, today’s incident is also the result of a series of problems caused by my mother that have prevented us from being together, but I am not sure my mother will agree to both of us marrying.”

Remy said: “I’m mentally prepared. If I fail to propose marriage once, I will propose marriage twice, three times, and countless times. I believe that there will always be a successful proposal.”

Elisa smiled, “I will fully cooperate with you and work hard for our future!”

Remy: “Elisa, I love you.”

Elisa: “I love you too.”

The heads of the two people got closer and closer, and finally, their lips touched and became entangled.


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