My Rich Wife – Chapter 2634

Chapter 2634: Demon Sealing Valley

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As an arrow was shot, a burst of sparks erupted from the body of the huge scorpion.

The scorpion’s shell slightly deflated, merely propelled by the tremendous force.

Then, it rolled several times on the ground and rushed toward Qin Yu as if nothing had happened.

The speed was extremely fast, and then with a “whoosh” sound.

Its tail lashed out even faster, compressing layer by layer like a spring.

At that moment, it released its power, and its tail suddenly unfurled, shooting toward Qin Yu at an even more terrifying speed.

As it neared Qin Yu, the black needle on its tail trembled violently.

A hidden poison sprayed out in a fan shape toward Qin Yu.

Qin Yu’s face showed surprise. He did not expect such fierceness from this seemingly random scorpion.

He propelled his body backvvard, avoiding the area covered by the poisonous mist.


This time, Qin Yu did not hold back. His energy arrow pierced through the scorpion with 80% of his power, turning its body into charcoal.

A surge of Saint Power entered Qin Yu’s divine soul, almost equivalent to…

Previously, Qin Yu had pulled the bowstring with sixty percent of his strength, but it did not cause any damage to the scorpion, indicating the high defense of its outer shell.

Qin Yu’s expression became somewhat vigilant. One had to know that creatures from outside the mist had never entered this passageway.

However, this scorpion had indeed barged in.

Could it be that this place had already changed?

Suddenly, a strange laugh rang out in front of Qin Yu. A luxuriously dressed young man had already appeared in front of him at some point.

At this moment, the robe on his body was stained with blood, and from the looks of it, it should have been stained recently. When he saw Qin Yu, a hint of ecstasy flashed across his face.

“Another treasure giver.”

A ferocious expression appeared on his face, and he almost attacked Qin Yu the moment he saw him.

A few cold lights suddenly shot out from his sleeve, and the tremendous force made the flying blades whistle.


The Tiger Wing instantly moved. At this speed, Qin Yu could lock onto the trajectory of these flying blades with his naked eye.

He slashed out with his blades, and the blades of the three flying blades were directly cut off by the Tiger Wing.

In the next moment, the Tiger Wing was already placed on the young man’s neck. Qin Yu stared at him coldly.

“Spare me! Brother! I have elders and children! There’s also…”


Qin Yu pressed his blade down slightly.

“Lu Yun, I’m a disciple of the Demon Sealing Valley, here to slay outsiders under Elder Feng Ming’s command,” he said, sensing the chill around his neck.

“Hmm? Aren’t the living beings here unable to attack outsiders?” Qin Yu expressed surprise.

“That’s how it’s been until recently. However, Elder Feng Ming sensed a change and suddenly ordered us to hunt down outsiders. We’re not sure why, but we’ve captured many in the past few days. Some have even been publicly executed by the sect!”

Lu Yun almost spoke without reservation, he glanced cautiously at Qin Yu, then continued to speak up.

“I overheard from servant disciples that the power of the Saint Kingdom here has attracted other Saint Kingdoms, causing a significant decrease in order. Many restrictions that once applied to us natives no longer bind the elders, allowing them to easily break free from this influence.”

Qin Yu maintained his composure outwardly, though his thoughts roiled. “Could it be that after Dao Xuan’s demise, the order here began to collapse?”

Qin Yu furrowed his brow deeply. If so, this test would pose an extreme danger.

“Not quite. I’ve heard of an outsider possessing the Heart of Saint Kingdom, reaching the True Consciousness Realm. They can tap into the power of the Heart of Saint Kingdom and transmit it to the Zi Yang Saint Kingdom, weakening the order in our region,” Lu Yun disclosed for self-preservation.

The True Consciousness Realm represented the third stage of the cultivation realm.

Confused Consciousness, Human Consciousness, True Consciousness, Dao Consciousness, and Saint Consciousness comprised the five cultivation realms. At the True Consciousness Realm, individuals could harness the power of the Heart of Saint Kingdom. Even Qin Yu, currently at the peak of the Human Consciousness, had yet to ascend to the True Consciousness Realm.

At this level of the cultivation realm, one could once again sense the Heavenly Path Sea from within this Saint Kingdom and tap into the power of its laws.

Within this Saint Kingdom, the power one could harness was the most profound power of rules, far surpassing that of the lower realms by a magnitude of ten thousand.

If a living being in the True Consciousness Realm were to descend into the Mortal Realm, it would be a devastating blow to all cultivators. They operated on completely different levels of power.

Qin Yu furrowed his brow deeply. After traversing two layers of the realm, he had endured countless hardships to arrive here.

Yet, even so, he had not reached the True Consciousness Realm. Hearing from the native that someone had already broken through to this level left Qin Yu speechless.

“Tell me all the information about this area. If you conceal anything, your life will be forfeit.”

After pondering for a moment, Lu Yun spoke again.

“This was a vast region. The factions here included the Demon Sealing Valley. Beyond its influence, there were many ancient demons that had survived from antiquity. These beings were incredibly powerful, and among them were even forbidden ancient demons. While they were also created by the power of the Saint Kingdom, their strength was so formidable that they had been sealed off from its influence.”

At this point, Lu Yun’s expression turned solemn.

“During a casual conversation among us servant disciples, one of them, who had a higher status, shared some insider information. It seemed that some time ago, with the weakening of the Saint Kingdom’s power, the seals on some forbidden ancient demons began to loosen. An elder from the Demon Sealing Valley perished in the ensuing battle. However, this news was suppressed by the sect’s higher-ups and has not been disseminated.”

Observing Qin Yu’s uncertain expression, Lu Yun cautiously continued. “How was the power hierarchy structured in the Demon Sealing Valley?”

“The strength of the servant disciples was almost on par with mine, all at the

Human Consciousness level. A few had even reached the pinnacle of the Human Consciousness level. As for the inner sect disciples, they were individuals who could already sense the ways of the Saint Kingdom. The elders could even directly wield a portion of the ways. However, there was a significant disparity between the elders.”

Qin Yu’s expression underwent a drastic change upon hearing this.

If the person before him wasn’t lying, then any inner sect disciple would likely be as powerful as him.

As for the elders, he wouldn’t stand a chance. They were already at the level of True Consciousness.

“One more question.. How long had the Demon Sealing Valley existed?”

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