My Rich Wife – Chapter 2635

Chapter 2635: Inner Sect Disciple

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Qin Yu suddenly asked, wanting to determine if this place would refresh again like before.

“Isn’t that from a long time ago? I’m not sure either. From the beginning of my memory, this ancient demon land has always existed, and the Demon Sealing Valley has always been there. For someone like me to be able to infiltrate the Demon Sealing Valley’s servant disciples, I’m already considered one of the best among the natives,” Lu Yun said proudly.

As expected, Qin Yu’s expression turned somewhat solemn.

This place had already entered the core of the Saint Kingdom. Everything here would exist for a long time, unlike Nine Tune City and the villages that would be refreshed and rebuilt.

This also meant that the test here might be completely different from before. The difficulty level might be even more terrifying than before. Coupled with the collapse of order, it might be even more difficult for him to pass this place.

“Brother, I’ll tell you everything I know. That’s all the information I have. Please be magnanimous and let me go,” Lu Yun said with a sad face.

“Get lost.” Qin Yu waved his hand.

“Thank you, Brother! By the way, brother, it’s best if you find a higher-up here. It’s best if it’s an elder or even a personal disciple. Otherwise, you won’t be able to obtain the protection of the Demon Sealing Valley and can only move around in this ancient region. If you encounter a powerful ancient demon, you won’t be able to resist it sooner or later.”

Lu Yun instructed again, as if afraid that Qin Yu would suddenly make a move, he once again told him what he knew.

Qin Yu nodded slightly. This third place was much more troublesome than he had imagined.

According to normal circumstances, he should have joined the Demon Sealing Valley to fight against the ancient demons in this area, just like in Nine Tune City.

However, the owner of a Heart of Saint Kingdom had appeared here, and his strength had reached the True Consciousness Realm. He had also transferred the power of this Saint Kingdom to other Saint Kingdoms, causing the order in this region to collapse.

In other words, everyone here could be his enemy.

If he used the power of the Seal of Heaven Returning, he would probably become the target of the Demon Sealing Valley.

Qin Yu felt a headache coming on. Neither the ancient demons nor the Demon Sealing Valley were to be trifled with.

At this moment, Lu Yun, who had left earlier, returned.

“The person in front is Senior Brother Gu Yi’s personal disciple. Don’t say anything. I’ll deal with him. Otherwise, both of us will die.” Lu Yun’s expression was extremely ugly.

A person had already appeared in front of Qin Yu. The internal qi on his body had a strong smell of blood qi.

His strength should be much stronger than Lu Yun’s. Before he could get close to Lu Yun, he had already Imelt on the ground.

“Senior Brother Gu Tian, I just captured an outsider here. I’m going to tie him up and bring him to the sect to offer to Senior Brother,” Lu Yun didn’t even dare to raise his head as he spoke with a trembling voice.

“An outsider, just a commoner from who knows where. What use do I have for him? Just kill him and see if he left anything behind,” Gu Tian said with a smile.

Qin Yu frowned. He wanted to kill him the moment they met. Wasn’t this too overbearing?

“Senior Brother Gu Tian, don’t be anxious. We have received orders from Elder Gu Yi to head into the fog to kill an ancient demon and use its body as an artifact for the elder. It’s not a bad idea to let them scout the way. Otherwise, it would be tiring for them to keep fighting, ” a pitifully beautiful woman with a good figure said with a smile beside him.

“Junior Sister Cang Yun is right, if you’re tired, you won’t have the strength to serve Senior Brother,” Gu Tian said with a smile.

“It’s okay, Senior Brother.”

Cang Yun grinned mischievously and playfully punched Gu Tian’s chest.

She whipped out a whip and struck Qin Yu’s back forcefully. A surge of power entered his body, forming a lightning cage within his divine soul.

Simultaneously, she revealed a sinister smile.

The cage abruptly contracted, and a powerful electric current surged into his soul, causing an intense agony to radiate from within.

Qin Yu immediately began rolling on the ground, as if in agony. It seemed like the whip was a magical artifact designed to lock the soul.

Although Qin Yu could easily break free with his current soul power, he hesitated to harm these two inner sect disciples at this moment.

In the face of so many unknowns, he needed to gather more information before making a decision. Besides, he was also curious to explore this area for himself.

“Tsk, even such a weak power is too much for him to handle. How did he even manage to come here?” Cang Yun expressed disappointment and spat contemptuously at Qin Yu.

“Go wherever I tell you to. Got it? Otherwise, you’ll experience the torment of this Soul Locking Whip,” Gu Tian said softly.

Qin Yu nodded subtly. It was only now that he noticed three other outsiders like him.

There were two men and one woman, all emitting human auras from their internal qi. One of the men exuded a formidable blood qi, indicating his significant cultivation level.

However, all three of them appeared to have suffered considerable torture.

Qin Yu became wary. Perhaps the abilities of these two individuals were more complex than they appeared.

Under Gu Tian’s guidance, they headed toward a specific location. Periodically, Cang Yun would whip them, subjecting them to excruciating pain.

The man with the potent aura gritted his teeth each time, enduring until he couldn’t bear it any longer and let out agonized cries.

Qin Yu, along with the other man and woman, rolled on the ground in cooperation, receiving the least amount of torture.

Particularly, when Qin Yu initially displayed fear upon facing the Soul Locking Whip, Cang Yun lost interest in him.

“These weaklings can’t even withstand a random magical artifact crafted by an elder. And they dream of seizing control of this Saint Kingdom!” Cang Yun exclaimed, smiling as she hugged Gu Tian’s arm.

“It’s uncertain. This Ancient Demon Land is a rare place where order has collapsed, allowing us to attack outsiders. Otherwise, the situation might be different. Our current priority is to locate outsiders possessing the Heart of the Saint Kingdom and subdue them. Only then can we navigate through this period of great change,” Gu Tian sneered.

Though their voices were hushed, every word resonated in Qin Yu’s ears.

Qin Yu’s heart quivered. It seemed that reaching the True Consciousness Realm had granted him a deeper understanding of this world.

They were well-informed about how to assess outsiders and the clandestine knowledge of various Saint Kingdoms.

If he aimed to claim this Saint Kingdom for himself, it would prove far from


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