The Mans Decree Chapter 3616

Upon hearing Igor’s words, Montane Daemon looked at Helmut in disbelief. He had never expected the latter to do such a thing.

“Mr. Lothian, I’ll kill him for you!”

Montane Daemon braced himself to make a move against Helmut.

Although Montane Daemon was a Seventh Level Tribulator, he was no longer at a disadvantage when dealing with Helmut, an Eighth Level Tribulator, after having experienced the demonic tribulation cloud.

Moreover, Helmut was deeply afraid of Montane Daemon, giving the latter the upper hand if they fought.

“Mr. Daemon, none of you need to lift a finger. I will personally kill him today to avenge my disciples.”

Igor didn’t allow Montane Daemon and Kai to help.

He was determined to personally deal with Helmut.

At that moment, Helmut wore a gloomy expression but didn’t offer any explanation. After all, anything he said then would be superfluous.

Montane Daemon wanted to dissuade Igor further, but at that moment, Kai interjected, “Mr. Daemon, let Mr. Lothian handle it himself. We only need to keep an eye on the rest of those of Bloodroot Peak.”

Kai knew that Igor could only rest easy by making a move personally.

Since Kai had spoken, Montane Daemon nodded in response.

“Drop dead!”

Just when Igor shifted his attention to Montane Daemon and Kai, Helmut, who had remained silent, abruptly made a move.

Helmut swiftly reached Igor and shot his hand out in no time.

He knew that death was inevitable that day.

Either Igor would die, or he would. Therefore, he didn’t hold back in the slightest, much less pay past affections any mind.


In that punch, Helmut unleashed nearly all of his strength. Alongside a resounding explosion, a massive ripple spread across the void.

The murderous intent in Igor’s eyes intensified. Now that Helmut was ready to strike him down without hesitation, it further confirmed that the man was indeed the culprit behind the massacre.

Igor also shot his hand out.

Their fists collided, and Helmut’s body swiftly stumbled backward. Igor also rapidly stumbled back. Surprisingly, they were evenly matched with that punch.

However, Helmut was ready to give it his all, while Igor responded passively. Therefore, it seemed that Helmut’s strength was slightly inferior.

Helmut looked at Igor in surprise, his brows slightly furrowed. “I didn’t expect your strength to surpass mine in just a few days when you’ve never been my match.”

He was puzzled as to how had Igor grown so much stronger than him in such a short span of time.

Igor didn’t utter a word. Instead, his aura intensified to its peak.

The reason Igor was able to surpass Helmut was wholly because the elixir used when Kai treated his injuries also enhanced his strength.

Helmut was not much stronger than Igor in the first place. Now that Igor had used Kai’s elixir, his strength increased, surpassing Helmut’s.

That was also why Kai didn’t stop Igor when the latter wanted to kill Helmut alone but agreed. If it had been a few days ago, he would never have allowed Igor to fight Helmut alone.

“Die, you monster!”

With a thunderous roar, Igor moved. In a flash, he arrived before Helmut like lightning.

Subsequently, he threw a punch filled with boundless fury.


Helmut was both shocked and angry, for he hadn’t expected Igor’s strength to surpass his own.

He hurriedly attempted to defend himself, only to be sent flying with that single punch from Igor.

“Mr. Koritnik!”

Upon seeing that, the elder of Bloodroot Peak planned to charge over with the disciples of Bloodroot Peak.

At that, Montane Daemon suddenly waved his hands. A tremendous force surged at the disciples of Bloodroot Peak!

The dozen disciples of Bloodroot Peak were all toppled over by the immense force. Even the elder of Bloodroot Peak was ruthlessly thrown to the ground.

“If any of you dare to make a move, you will only die,” Montane Daemon threatened those of Bloodroot Peak.

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