The Mans Decree Chapter 3617

At Bloodroot Peak, everyone was staring at each other, none daring to make a move lightly.

Helmut waited menacingly for Igor. He never imagined that Igor’s strength would increase so rapidly, leaving him in such a disarray.

Just as Helmut was unsure of how to deal with Igor, Igor’s punch came again.

He wouldn’t give Helmut the slightest chance to catch his breath, let alone show him any mercy.

He intended to beat Helmut to death.


With a surge of anger, Igor threw a punch, causing the void to tremble incessantly.

Helmut tried to resist once more, but a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out. He was sent flying, skimming across the ground.

With a thunderous roar, Helmut’s body, akin to a cannonball, had demolished house after house, even creating a deep trench in the ground.

In the end, Helmut crashed directly into the gate of Bloodroot Peak. Only after the gate had collapsed did he finally stop moving.

The disciples of Bloodroot Peak, upon seeing their sect leader in such a state and their sect in complete disarray, each wore a look of utter dismay on their faces.

Despite Helmut being beaten into such a state, Igor didn’t show the slightest hesitation. Instead, he took a step forward, and in an instant, he was once again in front of Helmut.

Subsequently, he raised his fist and landed another punch on the disheveled Helmut.

“Please don’t kill me, Igor. I’m sorry…”

Helmut began to beg Igor for mercy.

However, Igor’s eyes were filled with murderous intent and rage, he simply wouldn’t heed Helmut’s pleas for mercy.

If a mere plea for mercy could spare him, then the lives of the dozens of disciples from Bloodroot Peak would have been far too cheap.

“F*ck you! You can follow your master and apologize in the afterlife!” Igor yelled as he threw a punch.

But just as Igor was about to strike, Helmut suddenly disappeared.

It was as if he had suddenly vanished into thin air.

Igor’s fist slammed into the ground, creating a deep pit. Upon witnessing Helmut’s sudden disappearance, both Kai and Montane Daemon were taken aback.

“Where is he? How could they have suddenly disappeared?” Montane Daemon asked in confusion.

Igor also looked around, but he couldn’t find where Helmut was.

“People don’t just vanish into thin air, he must be nearby. Try to sense his aura,” Kai told Igor.

Igor nodded, then released his spiritual sense to sense the aura of Helmut.

Just as Igor had begun to disperse his spiritual sense, he suddenly felt the earth tremble beneath him. The ground under his feet started to crack, spreading out in all directions like a spider’s web.

Simultaneously, beams of light shot up from the ground, encircling Igor.

Kai hurriedly warned out loud, “Be careful, Mr. Lothian, this is a magic array!”

Before Igor could even react, he saw Helmut surprisingly burst forth from the ground.

Rays of light shone all around Helmut, illuminating him. Divine markings began to appear on his body, which in turn radiated a brilliant glow.


The power within Helmut was rapidly escalating. Inside him, a surge of restless energy was continuously rising.

Helmut’s face was twisted in a grimace, his entire demeanor seemed to have turned frenzied. At that moment, Helmut looked like a wild beast gone mad.

“You forced me into this! I shall sacrifice my life to activate this Heaven Array.”

Helmut was roaring.

Igor looked at Helmut, his brows involuntarily furrowing.

He could sense the increase in power within. Helmut’s body. It seemed that this arcane array had similarities with the Sacrificial Blood Array.

“Be gone!”

Helmut roared, causing the entire ground to crumble around him. Then, he launched a powerful punch toward Igor.

Upon witnessing this scene, Montane Daemon furrowed his brows, ready to step forward and lend a hand. However, he was promptly stopped by Kai.

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