The Mans Decree Chapter 3618

“Mr. Chance, why are you stopping me? I’m afraid Igor might not be able to hold on much longer!” Montane Daemon asked Kai, puzzled.

“No need to rush. Let’s wait and see,” Kai replied.

“Helmut is able to harness the power of the arcane array, greatly enhancing his strength. If things continue like this, I fear Igor will be defeated.”

Montane Daemon couldn’t understand why Kai had asked him to wait.

“Let Mr. Lothian take care of it himself until the very end,” Kai said. Upon seeing Kai’s firm refusal to let him intervene, Montane Daemon could only give up and anxiously watched Igor.

Igor could feel the surge of power emanating from Helmut’s body, and he dared not take it lightly.


Igor swung a punch, and the two individuals collided heavily, much like shooting stars.

Within this arcane array, the void trembled, giving rise to ripples one after another.

Fortunately, the arcane array was there to block it. If not, the entire Bloodroot Peak would have been completely destroyed under the power of this punch.


The two fists collided, an endless surge of power radiating in waves from all around. This force then struck against the array, resulting in an explosive sound.

At that moment, within the array, it was as if the end of the world had descended.


Suddenly, Igor’s body plummeted like a meteorite, rapidly descending from the sky, and then heavily crashed onto the ground.

Dust and smoke filled the sky, a massive pit lay on the ground, into which Igor had completely fallen.


Upon seeing the disheveled state of Igor, Helmut immediately burst into hearty laughter.

At that moment, Igor, with traces of blood at the corner of his mouth, struggled to stand up.

“Mr. Chance…”

Upon seeing the situation, Montane Daemon anxiously looked toward Kai.

At this point, if no help was given, Igor would truly be done for.

However, Kai remained motionless, his facial expression unchanged, quietly observing everything before him.

It seemed as though Igor’s current situation had absolutely no relation to him.

Montane Daemon didn’t understand what Kai meant. However, since Kai didn’t speak up, Montane Daemon didn’t dare to take matters into his own hands.

“Accept your fate, Igor! This is your destiny. Now, I will send you on your way to join your disciples.”

Helmut’s face was contorted with ferocity, and the strength within him was surprisingly still growing.

After this battle, it was certain that Helmut would suffer backlash from the arcane array. Even if he didn’t die, he would likely be rendered crippled.

But since it had come to this point, even if he were to die, he would drag Igor down with him. Otherwise, he would not have activated this Heaven Array.

“Do you really think you can defeat me with the power of your arcane arrays?”

Igor gradually regained his composure, the anger in his eyes dissipating. In a calm tone, he said, “You have the help of arcane arrays, and I have mine…”

Igor pulled out a formation plate from his arms, following which he forced out a drop of blood essence, letting it fall onto the disk.

The arcane formation plate was seen humming, and then it emitted a ray of light.

A thick, pungent scent of blood continuously permeated the air.

Swiftly, a massive arcane array emerged, astonishingly swallowing up Helmut’s arcane array.

Lines of array runes shimmered with light, and within these patterns, red blood was flowing.

The blood that was spilled came from the sacrifices made by Maverick and Broden’s subordinates. The power within the blood was not entirely depleted when Kai tricked Maverick and Broden, leading them into his consciousness field where they were slain. Consequently, the sacrificial blood arcane array was shut down.

However, the blood that was not consumed remained within the Sacrificial Blood Array. When Igor used his own essence blood to activate the array, the arcane array was set in motion, and the blood began to flow once again.

“I-Is this the Sacrificial Blood Array?”

Upon seeing the fresh blood continuously flowing within the pattern, Helmut was instantly dumbfounded.

He never would have imagined that the formation plate used for the Sacrificial Blood Array would end up in Igor’s hands. After all, this was a disk left over from the Celestial Battle.

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