An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2153

Chapter 2153

The next day, early morning.

Dustin, who was meditating in the room, was suddenly awakened by a knock on the door.

When he opened the door, he saw Yan Buqi, Xu Yang, Liu Rushuang, and Liu Hongxue standing outside.

“Brother Dustin! Oh no, something happened outside!”

As soon as they met, Xu Yang spoke eagerly.

“What’s wrong?”

Dustin didn’t know why.

A group of people gathered at the door early in the morning, looking like something was wrong, which was really strange.

“Kuan Chao is dead! He was beheaded last night!” Xu Yang said in shock.

“Crazy wave?” Dustin was slightly startled: “Is this the swordsman who challenged me last night?”

“That’s right! It’s him!”

Xu Yang nodded heavily: “In the early hours of this morning, his body was found lying on the street, with his head missing. Judging from the wounds, he should have been killed with a sword!”

“Kill with one sword?”

Dustin raised his eyebrows and said doubtfully: “Kuan Chao is very powerful. Who has the ability to kill him in an instant?”


Xu Yang was about to speak but stopped.

At this time, Yan Buqi suddenly took over the conversation and said: “Brother Dustin, there are rumors from the outside that Kuangchao’s death is related to you.”


rhys pointed at himself, with a look of surprise on his face: “Are you kidding? After fighting Kuangchao last night, I went back to the restaurant to rest, and I never went out again. How could I kill Kuangchao?”

“We also believe that it was not you, but rumors are spreading very quickly now, and many people believe that you are the murderer of the killing spree.” Yan Buqi sighed lightly.

“Yes, Brother Dustin, you defeated Kuangchao last night, and many people watched it. Since you were the last person to fight Kuangchao, you became the subject of major suspicion.” Xu Yang looked serious.

Although Dustin had never used a sword, all the moves he used were sword moves.

Moreover, given the opponent’s strength, he could kill Kuang Chao with one strike, which would inevitably arouse suspicion.

“Kuan Chao’s death has nothing to do with me. I won’t take the rumors from the outside to heart. Others can say whatever they like. Anyway, I have a clear conscience.” Dustin said calmly.

With his crazy personality, it is easy to offend people. Now that his head is missing, he may be seeking revenge from his former enemy, which has nothing to do with him.

“Brother Dustin, you haven’t realized the seriousness of the problem yet.”

Yan Buqi shook his head and said solemnly: “Kuan Chao is not an unknown person. He has the support of the Blood Kuang Sect behind him. Now that he is being killed, the Blood Kuang Sect will definitely not let it go. With their style, they have always been willing to kill by mistake. Three thousand, I won’t let anyone go!”

The people of the Blood Madness Sect are all a group of life-threatening lunatics. They are not only powerful, but also extremely united.

When one person is in trouble, support comes from all directions.

Anyone who dares to kill a disciple of the Blood Madness Sect will inevitably suffer crazy revenge from the Blood Madness Sect.

“What do you mean, I got into trouble for no reason?” Dustin was speechless.

He had no intention of accepting the challenge last night, but the craziness pressed on him step by step, insisting on a duel.

Just fight, I didn’t expect this guy to be killed inexplicably, and now this shit basin is actually on his head.

What bad luck!

“Brother Dustin, this is no small trouble. In my opinion, you should make preparations early. You can avoid it for a few days. There is no need to risk your life with those lunatics.” Yan Buqi reminded.


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