An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2155

Chapter 2155

: Howling and overlooking!


high seas.

boom…! !

Battleships are roaring and galloping wildly!

There are thousands of elite members of the Temple of Slaughter standing there!

Launched a… charge towards those dozen warships!

This is simply…

Just like a death charge!

The momentum is extremely brutal!

And there is this moment.

On the battleship of country y.

Seeing this scene, all the sailors laughed.

“Are these idiots looking for death?”

In the command room.

The captain sneered, “Destroy them!”

What kind of ants have the guts to attack them with thousands of men and two battleships…?

The main turret has a slow start!

Boom…! !

Along with the tremor, artillery shells roared out!

More than a dozen warships launched an offensive simultaneously at this moment…!



Countless shells are coming roaring!

But there is this moment.

There were impressive… machine guns on those two battleships!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh…

Bullets burst out of the air!

A dense network of bullets was formed directly!


Those cannonballs are extremely accurate and can be detonated in the air…! !

This is simply…

See this scene.

There is a dead silence on the battleship of Country Y!

Both the sailors and the elite thugs were stunned to see this scene!

Is there such a person…

How can it be?

Are there sharpshooters who are the enemies of… all? !

And there is this moment.

In the blink of an eye.

Two battleships are already approaching crazily…! !

Wei, log in.

Talents can be formed and effective strikes!


The firepower of the two battleships is like scratching an itch for them!

But there is no way around it.

Also stay far away.

It’s impossible…

To break through.

When you land on G Island, you will be supported by the Judge.


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