An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2156

Chapter 2156

When you land on G Island, you will be supported by the Judge.

Wei, kill yourself! !

And there is this moment.

The warships on both sides are getting closer!

There was a panic on the ship!

When have these people from Country Y… ever seen such a person who is not afraid of death?

In the command room.

The captain looked cold and said, “These crazy people!”

“Kill them!”

He thought what the other party was going to do.

But I didn’t expect it.

These guys actually… want to rush onto their own battleship!

This is simply…

Just seeking death is the plan!


The members of Tushen Temple looked ferocious and crazy at this moment, and they had already jumped out when they were five or six meters away…! !


Keep climbing!

And there is this moment.


There are countless men and horses on the battleship with crazy attacks!

Bang bang!

Bullets roared out!

The person above is trying his best to smash it down with the butt of his gun!

And there is this moment.

Tu Shen Shen is an elite warrior. At this moment, he climbed seven or eight meters over the hull of the ship in just a few moves!

Go out and kill someone inside…! !


The roaring sound of the crazy and violent shouting is like the howl of an animal!

Countless warriors of the Temple of Slaughter were killed in a crazy manner…! !

There are some who need to break through in this battle…! !

And there is this moment.

The situation seemed extremely chaotic.

One hundred thousand troops from country Y were scattered on more than a dozen warships.

And there were thousands of troops attacking one ship.


It makes this number seem so desperate.

Thousands are faced with tens of thousands.

boom…! !

There are constant battles breaking out on the deck!

The fighting situation was extremely fierce!

And there is this moment.


The battle situation has turned into a one-sided situation…! !

Thousands of elites from the massacre temple…

This Youdu has experienced countless battles and is a master of hundreds of battles!

Even compared to the Shura Legion, they are comparable…! !

Blood is flowing!

And there is this moment.

boom…! !

On the battleship is the command room.


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