An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2157

Chapter 2157

On the battleship is the command room.

Kicked away!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh…

The bullets are sweeping wildly!

Before the captain could react, he… fell into a pool of blood!

In front of you is the intercom.

There were anxious shouts from other captains!



The other battleships and captains all looked cold!

“It will be too late if we don’t make a decision…”

This is simply…

If you let the opponent occupy a battleship.

There were three battleships to face.

The situation will get worse…! !


At this moment, more than a dozen captains gritted their teeth and gave orders!

Dong dong dong…! !

The sky was covered with cannonballs roaring towards the battleship! !


That whole battleship.

At this moment, it exploded and sank!

There is a scary whirlpool on the water.

And there is this moment.

Constantly, members of the Tushen Temple fell into the water…! !

But there are four weeks.

Already, the lifeboats are approaching!


The submarine also waited for a long time and then quickly approached!

“Be prepared to continue to break out!”

The members of Tushen Temple all looked cold and murderous at this moment!

Countless people are frantically moving towards the next battleship!

at the same time.

The two Massacre Temple ships were battleships.

At this moment, terror broke out and was suppressed by firepower…! !

This is simply…

The Tushen Temple battleship is impressively… extremely advanced!

It even has more intense firepower than the opponent!

However, some royal warships of Country Y also counterattacked head-on and tried to sink those two warships!

Both sides started an offensive and defensive battle…! !

And there is this moment.

Members of the Tushen Temple have boarded a battleship!

The fighting breaks out again!

These elite members are extremely powerful and terrifying!

Every time there is a battle, there is a complete crushing posture…! !

And there is this moment.

boom…! !

A ball of flame suddenly rose on the sea!

A battleship tilted suddenly and completely… lost its firepower!

This is simply…

Under the sea.


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