An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2158

Chapter 2158

Under the sea.

The submarine launched a torpedo attack.

Finally there is a battleship that breaks through the defense matrix!

And there is this moment.

The battle is getting more intense!

On the beach.

The battle is unprecedentedly fierce!

Chen Zongheng and the judge both looked embarrassed at this moment and were attacking like crazy…! !

There were a dozen Han-level agents in front of him, all with varying degrees of injuries!

This is simply…

The two of them have faced more than a dozen Han-level agents!

Spread the word…

The entire underground dark world will be shaken!

And there is this moment.

Chen Zongheng has a solemn look on his face as a judge!

They have become increasingly overwhelmed.

So intense is the battle.

Even if God exists, it will be difficult to continue.

What’s more.

They are just two humans.

boom…! !

The beach ground exploded again!

Chen Zongheng took a breath through the yellow sand in the sky and then suddenly retreated again!

But there is almost no way to retreat!


Just the hotel building.

And there is the rear.

Then the sea surface.

The battle on the high seas is unprecedentedly fierce.

Everyone here can faintly hear the movement…! !

“Hold on a little longer…”

The judge gritted his teeth and his voice was cold and cold.

He has already received the news.

The battle situation is extremely anxious!

That is to say.

They have to hold on…! !

And maybe.

The Tushen Temple was completely annihilated.

Even support is hard to come by!

Qiu Yiren bit her red lips slightly, feeling completely at a loss and her eyes red.

She was even a little desperate…

How can it be better?

And there is this moment.

On the sea.

boom…! !

Several helicopters roared overhead!

Some of this comes from the fact that Licheng Gong is a man and a horse…! !


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