An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2162

Chapter 2162

Wherever the sword light passed, the ground shook and the air was distorted.

A violent coercion instantly enveloped the entire place.

The onlookers felt their bodies sinking, as if a huge boulder was pressing on their shoulders, which was particularly uncomfortable.

The weak ones even had difficulty breathing and their legs were trembling.

“What a terrifying sword! Is this the eighth one on the list of geniuses? It’s really extraordinary!”

“This sword is earth-shattering and no one can stop it. It seems Dustin is in danger!”

“What a pity! It’s not good to offend anyone but Kuang Lang. Isn’t this asking for death?”


The sword struck by Kuang Lang caused everyone to change their expressions.

Even from a distance, you can feel the sharp edge and unstoppable explosive power.

In the eyes of many people, rhys is already a corpse.

“Brother Dustin! Whether you can make a big splash depends on whether you can withstand the pressure today!” Yan Buqi clenched the folding fan in his hand, his heart skipping a beat.

Although he has always been optimistic about Dustin’s potential, his opponent is Kuang Lang who is on the list of geniuses after all.

In the face of this monster, any genius will be eclipsed.

No one can guarantee that they can survive the wild waves of swordsmanship.

Even Dong Qianqiu, who is the protector of the Tianxiahui, cannot do it.

Although Dong Qianqiu is a powerful martial arts master, he still cannot compare with a figure like Kuang Lang.

“Good knife skills.”

Seeing the sharp sword light striking his head, Dustin gave a four-character evaluation.

Then, he reached out and grabbed it from the air.

A hundred meters away, the sword in Liu Hongxue’s hand suddenly came out of its sheath with a sudden “clang” and fell into Dustin’s hands at an extremely fast speed.


Liu Hongxue was stunned and looked at the scabbard in her hand, somewhat unresponsive.

“I’ll lend you your sword.”

When Dustin said a word, the sword in his hand was already swung upward.


A half-moon-shaped white sword light burst out, facing the wild wave of black sword light at an extremely fast speed.

The sword glow is white and the sword glow is black, one black and one white, showing a sharp contrast.

From the appearance point of view, Kuang Lang’s sword light is larger and more powerful, but Dustin’s sword light is smaller, but more solid.

Finally, two rays of light, one black and one white, collided with each other.


There was a loud noise and the ground shook.

The moment the black and white rays of light touched, an extremely violent shock wave swept away in all directions with the impact point as the center.

The surge was overwhelming, like a landslide and tsunami, and was unstoppable.

Wherever it passed, the hurricane roared, flying sand and rocks, and smoke and dust were everywhere.

All obstacles were directly bulldozed, the flowers, plants and trees on the street were broken one after another, and even the stone bricks paved on the ground were overturned.

A hundred meters away.

The onlookers felt a strong wind suddenly blowing in their faces. The powerful explosive force pushed them back one after another, covering their faces with their hands and unable to even open their eyes.

Some unlucky people will be injured by the sand and stones mixed in the strong wind, leaving them disgraced and embarrassed.

“What a terrifying air wave! Fortunately, we are far away, otherwise we will be disabled even if we die!”

“It’s terrible! Just the aftermath of the battle almost killed me!”

“Which of you can see clearly what’s going on ahead? Is Dustin blocking it?”


Everyone squinted their eyes, talked a lot, and talked about it.


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