Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1374 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1374

The Soxes had just had their dinner. Since Serenity was not in the best of moods, Jasmine had a walk with her nearby after dinner.

“Seren, I remember you saying that your in-laws didn’t pressure you to have children. Why are you taking in all the stress?”

The pair were best friends who could pass as sisters. Jasmine had been there throughout Serenity and Zachary’s journey together. She had never heard about the York family rushing Serenity to have a baby.

“They did not pressure me, but I’m worried I might be the problem that I’m not expecting yet.”

Serenity sighed and added, “No one is giving me pressure, but I can’t help putting the strain on myself. Even if my in-laws are from an ordinary family, I would be worried about not getting pregnant despite being married for a while. I won’t feel much of it if we have been using protection.”

Jasmine’s mind flew to the families she knew. The women usually got pregnant soon after the wedding, but most of them had a shotgun wedding now. A woman who had been married for more than six months and trying without protection would stir people to talk behind her back.

She could understand what her best friend was going through.

“Seren, I haven’t been married. I’ve never experienced this, but I know you can’t put the pressure on yourself. It’s harder to get pregnant if you can’t stop thinking about it. I believe you’re fine. Just free your mind. Dwelling on it isn’t good for you.”

Serenity let out another sigh.

“Jasmine, I’m not upset that I’m not expecting. We fought, and Zachary just left me. The face and tone he gave me really hurt.”

Wrapping her arm around her best friend’s shoulder, Jasmine gave her assurance. “It’s frustrating and infuriating that Mr. York did that. I’m furious for you. You should stay with me tonight. Don’t go with him right away if he comes to pick you up. Let him feel the anxiety. I’ll let my parents know to ignore any commotion out there.”

“He loves brushing me off when he throws a tantrum. He might be back at the manor now. I don’t expect him to come for me since he’s giving me the cold shoulder,” Serenity said tauntingly.

“Maybe it’s a good thing. We can cool our heads. I need to reflect to stop being so hard on myself. Come what may. Let’s check out our farming fields tomorrow.”

Jasmine said with a smile, “Sure. I’ll go with you wherever you want to go.”

“I’ll only take a day out of your busy schedule. Your engagement with Mr. Bucham is up. You won’t have much time. Jasmine, things are going well for you and Mr. Bucham. You might not have a whirlwind romance, but you have realness in the mundane.”

Jasmine and Josh never had a fight.

Josh had a high EQ.

He had a good temper, unlike Zachary who was used to the compliance of others. Zachary had tried his best to change for Serenity, but there were times his arrogance as an heir took over.

“Seren, your relationship with Mr. York is strong too. It’s just an occasional squabble. It won’t change the way you feel about each other. You can only grow from here.”

Serenity fell silent for a while before uttering, “Let’s head back. I had a bit too much to drink last night. My head is hurting since I hadn’t caught up on sleep today.”


Jasmine walked home with her best friend and even told her parents to enjoy their sleep in dreamland without bothering about what would happen tonight.

“Dad, should we release the hounds tonight?”

Mr. Sox replied, “I don’t keep them on the leash at night.”

Serenity followed Jasmine upstairs and to Jasmine’s room.

“Wear my clothes, Seren. I have a lot of new clothes I haven’t worn. We’re about the same size. My clothes will fit you.”

Jasmine went to her closet to bring out her new clothes for Serenity.

Seeing that Serenity drew close to the window and pulled the curtain to look down, Jasmine peeked downstairs and said, “My dogs will bark when he arrives.”

“Will your dogs bite if they’re not on a leash?”

Jasmine answered with a grin, “We lock the gate at night, so the dogs won’t get out to bite anyone. The most they do is bark. Well, it’s a different story if Mr. York decides to climb the fence.” Would Zachary climb over the fence?


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