Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 549 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 549

Olivia said, “You’ve already given so much money to Liberty after divorcing her, but she did give birth to a son for you, so I’ll let it go even though I’m heartbroken. However, now you’re saying you want to hold another wedding, and you want to make it extravagant? That’ll cost a lot of money. Son, do you think you run a bank?”

“Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll pay for my wedding with Jessica. I don’t need you and Dad to pay for it.”

Even if they did not have to fork out any money, Olivia still felt reluctant.

When she thought of how she foolishly went to the Hunt family and gave them tens of thousands to ask them to persuade Liberty not to get a divorce, she wanted to find a brick to slap herself. How could she have done something so stupid?

When her son was done with the divorce, she was going back to that old man to ask for her money back.

Old Mr. Hunt requested tens of thousands and promised to persuade Serenity to talk Liberty out of the divorce, but he failed to do so, so he naturally had to return the money to her.

They arrived at City Hall ten minutes later.

Serenity and Liberty arrived first and waited for Hank’s family at the entrance.

When Hank arrived, the couple showed no hesitation and entered the building.

Three years ago, they walked into City Hall hand–in–hand and received a marriage license.

At that time, Liberty thought she would grow old together with Hank.

She never thought they would be back after just a few years, and this time, it was for their divorce.

The pair were divorcing on consensus with no quarrels and brought all the documents needed. The officers at City Hall had to deal with many divorce cases daily, so when it was the couple’s turn, the officers did not try to persuade them and simply proceeded with the formalities.

Hank’s parents and Serenity waited at the side.

What surprised the three of them was there were very few couples who came to register for marriage, but there was a long line waiting to process their divorce papers.

Serenity glanced at Hank’s parents and thought, “The divorce rate is so high not only because of the couple, but also due to the couple’s families.‘

Her sister ended up like this because of the Brown family.


Liberty got the divorce certificate and walked over in relief, calling out to her sister. “It’s done. Let’s go back.”


Serenity got up and accompanied her sister out.

“Liberty,” Hank called out to Liberty at the entrance.

Liberty stopped and looked back at him.

He held his right hand. “I wish you happiness in the future!”

Liberty accepted the handshake and said graciously, “I wish Ms. Yates and you happiness in the future.”

Hank pursed his lips. “I’m sorry. I hurt you deeply.”

When all was said and done, he was in the wrong.

He indeed let Liberty down.

Liberty smiled and said nothing.

Since he was willing to divorce and let her leave, her resentment toward him lessened significantly.

“Liberty, since you’ve divorced Hank, it’s not right for you to live in Hank’s house anymore. Please move out tonight. We’ll be moving in tomorrow.”

Since the divorce was finalized, Olivia stopped pretending and bluntly reminded Liberty to move out.

Liberty said casually, “I packed Sonny and my luggage last night. I’ll go over now and take them away. Also, I’ll take the fees I used for the renovation.”

Olivia said coldly, “You’re welcome to try. Who cares?”

Little did she know, it was not just some household appliances Liberty wanted to take away.


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