Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 550 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 550

“Not all of the appliances were bought by you, so don’t move everything.”

Olivia was afraid Liberty would move the appliances they bought as well.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Brown. I won’t touch things I didn’t pay for. You can come to me if you find anything of yours missing.”

Olivia snorted coldly and stopped speaking.

Ring ring ring…

Hank’s phone rang.

It was from his boss. He quickly answered the phone when he saw the caller ID.

The boss said something over the phone, and Hank’s expression sank. He said in a subdued voice, “I’ve finished my business, sir. I’ll go back to the office now to deal with it. Why were all the orders canceled? Don’t worry, sir. I’ll definitely deal with it and salvage those orders.” After hanging up the phone, he said to his parents, “Mom, Dad, something urgent cropped up in the office. I’m going back to work now. You two take a cab back.”

He turned to Liberty and said, “Liberty, just move out before ten tonight. I’ll only be home at that time.”

He left in a hurry.

He did not even have time to tell Liberty to take care.

Hank’s parents watched their son’s back as he quickly left. Mr. Brown glanced at the Hunt sisters but did not say anything, and took his wife to hail a taxi to go home.

Serenity, on the other hand, drove her sister back to move her stuff.

“Sis, it looks like Hank’s job hasn’t been going too well lately.”

Serenity noticed her ex–brother–in–law’s dismay when he received a call from his boss.

“Maybe he only rose to his position thanks to the good fortune you brought to him. Now that you’re divorced and no longer his Lady Luck, his career will go downhill.”

Serenity hoped for that to happen.

It was true that some men could make a fortune because their wives were good homemakers. They were able to focus on their career without worries. Hence the saying, “behind every great man there’s a great woman“.

Liberty said indifferently, “I don’t care how his work goes. In any case, I got my money.

“Seren, when I settle down, tell Zachary to ask that friend of his out. We’ll buy him dinner for the great help that he’s provided. If not for him helping to collect the evidence for me to threaten Hank, I wouldn’t have been able to divorce Hank and obtain the assets in the shortest time possible.‘

Serenity was likewise curious about this amazing friend of Zachary and responded, “Sure. I already told him to invite his friend out for dinner and he said he had already done so.”

If Josh were here, he would say, “I’ve been waiting for your dinner invitation too, but my boss. won’t let me show up.”

After about half an hour, the two sisters returned to Bright Boulevard.

Before they reached the entrance, Serenity saw a group of people holding home demolition tools. They either stood or squatted by the entrance of the community, standing by with the community’s security guards.

She knew at once that these were the helpers arranged by Zachary.

Jasmine and Grandma May were there as well.

Jasmine tried to persuade the old woman to stay in the store and take care of Sonny.

Grandma May looked askance at Jasmine and said, “Jasmine, are you looking down on me? I’m old physically, but I’m still young at heart. I might not be able to tear down the house, but I can be the commander–in–chief. With me at the helm, I guarantee the demolition will go smoothly.”

Jasmine was amused by the old lady and laughed. “Grandma May, you’re the funniest old woman I’ve ever met.”

She could not convince the old lady to stay back, so she ended up bringing her along. Mrs. Lane stayed in the shop to look after Sonny.

They could have closed the shop and come over together.

However, Sonny was frightened just a few days ago, so they decided not to let him see

something as violent as tearing down a home, lest it leave another trauma on his young mind.


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