Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 553 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 553

After moving out those things that were moveable, what remained were the few items Hank bought with his own money.

Everyone worked together and brought the appliances Hank purchased over to the entrance of the house before they began smashing the floor tiles and tearing down the drywall.

The sounds of drilling, shattering, and breaking mixed into creating a cacophony.

It affected the residents upstairs and downstairs.

Liberty and Serenity felt embarrassed and hurriedly went to a store to buy some fruit to give. to their immediate neighbors. They apologized and assured them that the job would be finished before dark.

Since the sisters came bearing fruit to apologize and the neighbors were familiar with the sisters, they temporarily put up with the noise.

For families with children who could not stand the sound, the adults took the children out for a walk.

The sisters also bought a lot of food and gave it to the people who were tearing down the


With a happy–looking Liberty, the helpers worked excellently.

In the evening, everything that could be taken down was taken down, and everything else was smashed.

“Ms. Hunt, do we need to clean the rubbish?” a worker asked Liberty..

Liberty looked around the house and said, “No, I spent a lot of money to hire people to clean up during the renovation back then too. Leave it to them to clean up now. I’ll consider this as reimbursing my money for the cleaners from back then.”

Serenity walked around the house. The drywall was taken down cleanly and the floor tiles were pried up and shattered. Since Liberty said there was no need to clean up, they complied. It would be left to Hank and the others to deal with when they came back.

“Thank goodness we took your advice and let your cousin arrange for workers to help out, Jas. Professionals not only get the job done quickly, the results are also pretty impressive.”

Jasmine grinned. “This is their job. It’s only right to ask them to help.”

“Ask your cousin how much the labor cost and send the invoice to me. I’ll pay them for their work.”

Jasmine hummed. “I already did. He’ll let me know the amount and I’ll tell you



The two returned to Liberty, and Serenity asked her sister, “Is there anything else?”

“There’s also the wiring. I was the one who paid for it, but it’s dark now so it’s not convenient

to remove them. Tell the workers to just cut the wires, and we’ll leave.”

Serenity immediately relayed that to the workers and they got to work.

When that was done, the things that Hank bought with his money were moved back into the house.

The group of people worked efficiently.

When Zachary arrived, everyone was already downstairs helping to move the things to the trucks.


Zachary got out of the car and walked toward Serenity.

The person who got out of the car next to him was Josh.

Josh deliberately lagged behind by a few steps and put some distance between himself and the couple. He only approached after they had exchanged a few words.

“Hello, Serenity.”

Josh greeted Serenity with a smile.

Serenity looked at him and thought he looked rather familiar. It then clicked in her mind that he was Zachary’s colleague who Zachary shared a good relationship with. Although she had never met Josh in person, she had seen him a few times with Zachary before.


Josh introduced himself. “My last name is Bucham. I heard Zachary mention that your sister is moving, so I came over to see if there’s anything I can help with.”

“Thank you, Mr. Bucham, but we’re more or less done.”

Serenity knew that this was the colleague whom Zachary had introduced to Jasmine as soon as she heard the man’s last name.

She quietly looked at Josh for a while and felt that he was a good match for her best friend.


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