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Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 558

Hank paused before asking, “Couldn’t you have at least cleared away all the garbage?”

Liberty laughed. “There was a lot of garbage when the house was first renovated too, and I was the one who paid for someone to clean it up. You didn’t reimburse me for that either. I’m just collecting my money back now.”

“How much does it cost to hire someone to clean up? Why are you haggling with me over that little bit of money?”

“Why shouldn’t I haggle? That’s my money. My money doesn’t grow on trees. Why should I give it to you? I’ll get back every penny I’ve spent.”

Hank was speechless.

After a long time, he gnashed his teeth and said, “Fine, you win!”

“I’m only getting my renovation fee back. There’s nothing to win. Your house now looks like what you paid for.”

Hank was so angry that he hung up the phone. He wanted to throw the phone, but Jessica quickly grabbed it. “That’s my phone. Don’t throw it.‘

“Damn it!”

Hank could not do anything else but repeated those two words.

As Liberty had said, she was merely getting her renovation money back.

The place he bought was unfurnished. There was no one he could blame.

“What now, Hank?”

Jessica did not expect Liberty to be so ruthless. It was no wonder Hank did not want her anymore.

A vicious woman like her would not be able to remarry.

Jessica cursed Liberty a million times in her heart.

“I won’t stay with you in a house like this.”

She wanted to live in a luxurious home.

“I already stopped renting my apartment. Where are we going to live now?”

Hank scratched his head in annoyance and said, “Let’s go to a hotel and find a place to stay tomorrow. We’ll rent an apartment to stay in while we get this place renovated. It used to be furnished according to Liberty’s liking anyway.

“Now, we’ll renovate it based on our preferences. How much money do you have, Jessica?!

Jessica instinctively said, “This is your pre–marital property. I won’t pay for the renovation even if I have money. I’ll only shell out money for the renovation if you transfer the house to my name and give me a sense of security.”

She was not as stupid as Liberty, who was willing to pay for the renovations even without her name on the title deed.

“Besides, you have to treat this house as our marital home. Of course you have to be the one paying for the renovation. Houses for newly–weds are always prepared by the groom.”

Hank was silent for a while before saying, “I’ll handle the money and you’ll take care of it. I’m too busy with work to manage trivial matters like these.”

“You need to work, but so do I. I’m still your secretary. Will the work you have be lesser than mine? Ask your parents to handle it. They’re always at your sister’s place looking after her children anyway so that shouldn’t be a problem.”

Her future in–laws had a son, but they were always helping their daughter.

Only someone like Liberty could tolerate it but not Jessica.

It was fine if her in–laws did not help her, but they could not help Chelsea either. If they helped Chelsea, then Chelsea would have to take care of them in their old age. Chelsea benefitted from them now, so she had to take care of them in the future.

Jessica would not care about them.

Hank was silent again before saying, “Let’s go to a hotel first. We’ll leave the renovation matters for next year. It’s almost the New Year’s now, so it won’t be easy to hire anyone. We haven’t picked the materials we want either. There’s no rush. Just take it slow.”

Jessica hummed. There was no other choice.

The two silently left the house.

Hank locked the door and turned to leave.

Jessica called out to him and pointed to her suitcase. “Aren’t you going to help me carry my suitcase?”

Hank turned around and helped her with the suitcase. “I was so angry at Liberty that it slipped my mind.”

Jessica pursed her lips and said nothing.

She was infuriated too, but she could not settle the score with Liberty.


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