Married at First Sight Chapter 2303 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2303 by desirenovel-Hugh laughed haha and said, “Brother, look at him, everything depends on you.”

“Shut up!”

Hayden scolded her younger brother.

Hugh touched his nose and smiled, but he didn’t dare to laugh so presumptuously.

Hayden also stared at Kevin.

Kevin smiled at her, even though she stared at him, she would not be angry.

Hugh said: “Mr. York, everyone said that you came here disguised as a woman. I don’t believe that you can do this for my brother. Do you want to prove it with practical actions?”

Kevin looked at Hayden and replied, “I don’t need to prove it to you, as long as your brother believes in me.”

Hugh put his arms around Kevin’s shoulders, walked towards the sofa with his arms around Kevin, and said as he walked, “I’m your future brother-in-law, show me the clothes too, you won’t lose a piece of meat, others have seen it, but I haven’t, it’s a pity.”

Kevin took his hand away and sat down on the sofa, “You don’t have good eyesight, no one is to blame. Unless your brother wants to see it, I won’t wear women’s clothing anymore.”

Hayden had fulfilled his wish, and he would not pester her endlessly about wearing women’s clothes in the future.

No matter what Hugh said, Kevin just refused to pretend to be a woman again.

Hugh asked Hayden in shock: “Brother, did you take pictures of him pretending to be a woman?”

Hayden sat back at her desk and got busy again.

Hearing her younger brother’s question, she didn’t raise her head, and said coldly, “No.”

The way he wore women’s clothing and a wig had been etched into her heart.

She didn’t need to take pictures.

Unlike Kevin, he had to take pictures and save them.

Kevin wanted to keep it, because Hayden was a woman, and in the future, it was possible to restore her identity as a woman.

But he was a real man, Hayden didn’t take a photo to save, maybe there were other considerations and she didn’t want to make him a laughingstock.

Hugh: “Brother, why don’t you take pictures, I want to see.”

Hayden was still indifferent, she said: “There are a lot of women outside you, what kind of beauties do you want to see? He is not beautiful at all in women’s clothing. I am afraid that if you look at it, it will affect your aesthetics.”

Hugh looked at Kevin, “It’s so handsome, isn’t it good to pretend to be a woman?”

Kevin chuckled, “I’m very masculine.”

Hugh was speechless.

His sister could be very handsome when pretending to be a man, but Kevin may not be beautiful when pretending to be a woman.

Hugh couldn’t wear Kevin’s clothes again, so Hugh had to fail.

Kevin stayed in Hayden’s office.

Not long after, the secretary knocked on the door.

“Mr. Queen, Mr. Rogers is here.”

Rogers Group was always an important client of Queen Enterprise. Every time the two companies discussed project cooperation, Hayden personally took the lead, which showed how much Queen Enterprise valued the cooperation with Rogers Group.

“Mr. Rogers please.”

Hayden immediately stopped working, put down the pen, got up, walked around the desk, and strode towards the office door.

The secretary quickly asked Mr. Rogers and his secretary to come in together.

“Mr. Queen.”

“Mr. Rogers.”

The two chief executives shook hands.

When Mr. Rogers saw Kevin, Kevin stood up at the right time and said hello politely: “Mr. Rogers.”

“Mr. York, you’re here.”


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