Married at First Sight Chapter 2310 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2310 by desirenovel-Even if Matriarch Farrell created troubles for Kathryn and allowed Kathryn to accumulate experience in solving problems, she would not make fun of Kathryn’s life.

In case the car broke down and was rear-end hit by other vehicles, resulting in a car accident, it was difficult to guarantee that Kathryn would not be injured.

On the surface, Matriarch Farrell still favored Shiloh and treated Kathryn as her own daughter badly. In fact, Matriarch Farrell valued bloodlines very much. Kathryn was her own daughter, and she finally exchanged her back. No matter how cruel she was, she would not hurt Kathryn’s life at all.

Kevin: “That’s Kathryn’s business, let’s just watch the play, don’t worry about it so much.”

If Kevin met Kathryn on the way, he would not lend a helping hand.

He was on the side of his sister-in-law.

Kathryn’s biological mother was most likely the murderer who killed his sister-in-law’s biological grandmother.

Hayden didn’t speak.

She also knew Kevin’s position.

Hayden: “Is Hugh back?”

“No.” Kevin replied, “Uncle and Auntie are not at home either, so we will have dinner together tonight.”

If he had known that Uncle and Auntie had avoided it, he would have come over earlier to prepare a romantic candlelight dinner.

Hayden frowned.

She called home in advance and told her parents that she would come back for dinner. Her parents answered well on the phone, but when she came back, her parents ran out.

Wasn’t it just to create a chance for her and Kevin to be alone.

There were only servants in the house.

After the two entered the room, the servants also withdrew soon after.

On the dining table, there were many of Hayden’s favorite dishes.

Kevin smiled: “Hayden, let’s have dinner. After dinner, shall I take you to the movies?”

Hayden: “I haven’t seen the movie, I don’t have time.”

“Then go see it tonight, let’s make a good date.” Kevin said and went to hold her hand again.

In her lounge, she was willing to change into women’s clothing for him to show him, and Kevin knew that Hayden opened the door of defense to him.

Although her face was still cold and expression was serious.

But she was getting softer towards him.

If she was ruthless, her heart would be cruel.

But she was affectionate, soft-hearted.

She was such a person.

This time, Hayden didn’t shake off Kevin’s hand, and let him lead her into the dining hall.

Hayden: “It’s such a hot day, let’s go swimming.”

Kevin: “you sure?”

Last time he coaxed her to go swimming, but she refused to go into the water.

Hayden smiled, “Not sure.”

Kevin: “Then let me make sure for you. Let’s go swimming first, then go to a movie, and after watching the movie, we will have supper.”

After Hayden was silent, she said, “You can arrange it. I haven’t dated before.”

Her words made Kevin grin.

She didn’t know how to say like you, love you or anything like that.

Being willing to date him was a way for her to express her feelings.


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