Married At First Sight Chapter 3274

Married At First Sight Chapter 3274-Zachary said warmly, “No, your aunt won’t do it, and neither will your uncle. None of us will dislike you just because you have a younger brother.”

Sonny felt relieved. “Then let me tell that child that my aunt will not be like her mother. Uncle, I love you so much.”

Zachary smiled and said, “Uncle, too.”

Sonny had such a sweet mouth; who wouldn’t love him?

Zachary did not hand Sonny to the bodyguard at the kindergarten entrance, but he got out of the car in person, holding Sonny’s little hand and walking into the kindergarten. When he saw the teacher, he handed Sonny into the teacher’s hand. Sonny waved to him and said goodbye; he was still standing there watching.

It wasn’t until Sonny’s little figure had gone away, no longer looking back at him, that he turned around and walked outside.

Everyone in kindergarten knew that Zachary was Sonny’s uncle. In the past, they always felt that Zachary, the Young Master York, was far away from them. When Sonny entered kindergarten, they could often see Zachary and Duncan.

These big CEOs treated Sonny, who was not their biological son, with such love. They must be men who love children.

They could also see Zachary and Duncan’s feelings for serenity and liberty.

Needless to say, Zachary, who else in Wiltspoon didn’t know that he was a maniac who doted on his wife?

Everyone was not so envious of the love story between Serenity and Zachary, but instead envied the relationship between Liberty and Duncan.

Because Liberty was a divorced woman.

The world still has prejudices against divorced women.

How many men and women are mothers-in-law who always say, “If my son gets divorced, he can still marry a young and beautiful woman?” Who else will desire your divorce?

They think that a man is still a flower after divorce, and it is easy to marry again.

It is believed that a woman’s value will drop after divorce, and it will be difficult to remarry. Even if she does marry, she can only marry an old man.

Liberty was able to capture Duncan’s infatuation. Although Duncan was a few years older than Liberty, he had not been married yet, was in his first marriage, and was the fourth young master in a wealthy family.

It was far superior to Liberty in every aspect.

But Liberty firmly occupied Duncan’s heart, making him unable to love anyone else and waiting wholeheartedly for her to accept him.

Everyone heard that good things were about to happen for the two of them.

By the way, why haven’t they seen Liberty recently?

They who had eaten at Liberty’s restaurant knew that Liberty was on a business trip and went to Jensburg.

After not coming back for such a long time, her son, Sonny, was also taken care of by Serenity and Zachary.

It was quite common to see Serenity and Zachary taking Sonny out.

“Young Master York.”

As soon as Zachary walked out of the kindergarten, he heard someone calling him, and it was a female voice.

His bodyguards immediately surrounded him.

Originally, after Zachary got married, he thought that since he had become a married man, those women would not stick to him as soon as they saw him.

After Analia’s incident, Zachary built the city wall again.

Young women other than family members did not allow other women to approach him easily.

He really didn’t want to deal with those admirers.

He just wanted to live a good life with Serenity. She was waiting with peace of mind for the birth of their love child.

A family of two became a family of three.

In a few years, it would become a family of four with two children, just like Ben and Jane.

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