The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6792

charlie Wade smiled and said, “Very good, Aurous Hill is very safe.”

Then, charlie Wade introduced hank to his grandparents.

Knowing that he was an alumnus and good friend of their eldest daughter, the two elders were naturally very enthusiastic. The family invited hank to sit down at the table. The old man told his sons, “Professor hank is your sister’s classmate and friend. You must accompany him to drink a few glasses.”

After that, he said to hank, “Professor hank, if you can drink well, drink more. If you can’t drink well, drink less. Everything is up to you. There is no rule for how to drink at the dinner table.”

Although hank rarely drinks, he can drink well. He was happy to see the An family today, so he agreed without hesitation.

The old man asked charlie Wade again: “charlie, why don’t you have a drink too? If not

, I’ll ask your aunt to drive you back to the city later.” charlie Wade smiled and said, “No need, grandpa. We are all family members down the mountain. I’ll ask Don Albert to drive me.”

The old man laughed and said, “That’s great. If you drink, I’ll have a drink too!”

The old lady hurriedly said, “You’re still drinking. Your brain is confused. Who has Alzheimer’s disease? Forget it?”

The old man smiled and said, “My eldest grandson is here. It’s okay to have a drink. What’s more, Professor hank is here too, so we have to drink two glasses.” The old lady rolled her

eyes at him: “So you’re adding to the bet?”

charlie Wade smiled and said, “Don’t worry, grandma, just let grandpa drink two glasses, it’s okay.”

The old lady naturally knew that her precious grandson had given the old man a good medicine, and the old man’s body had long been healed, so it would be no harm to drink some wine. So she no longer insisted, but reminded the old man, “Thanks to charlie speaking for you, you only need to drink two glasses, don’t drink more.”

The old man immediately smiled and said, “Enough, enough, two glasses are enough!” The

eldest uncle on the side was the most considerate and quickly filled a glass. The old man immediately picked up the glass at lightning speed and said with a smile, “Come on, the first glass of wine, welcome Professor hank to our home!”

Everyone raised their glasses.

After the dinner started and the first glass of wine was drunk, charlie Wade went straight to the point and asked, “Grandpa, uncle, second uncle, how is your investment in Eastcliff going this time?”

Grandpa smiled and said, “We have negotiated a few major projects and they will be officially announced soon. Let your second uncle introduce them to you in detail.”

Homula took over and said, “Didn’t we decide to invest in a power battery-related company last time? This time in Eastcliff, it happened that Remi Automobile went public. An Internet company crossed over to build cars and sold more than a year’s production capacity in just one month after its listing. It is really amazing, and it really makes people look at domestic brands with admiration. So we might as well take over a new energy vehicle manufacturing company.”

Homula talked to charlie Wade about the An family’s industrial layout, and he used the word “we” because the An family has reached a consensus that most of the future An family will be left to charlie Wade. So now he is not only the grandson of the An family, but also the major shareholder of the An family.

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