The Divine Urban Physician – Chapter 504

Chapter 504: Giant Python, Sword Slash

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At the same time, Ye Chen also felt a terrifying suction force pulling him toward the gate, and his body instantly stepped into the gate and disappeared. Chen Tianli’s eyes narrowed as he muttered, “Disciple, your success or failure depends on this. This place is not something you could have avoided with your fate.”

“Your current breakthrough speed is already heaven-defying for ordinary people, but it’s far from enough. Only by making you stronger will you be qualified to learn the secrets in the depths of the Samsara Graveyard.”

After saying that, Chen Tianli stepped inside.

After Ye Chen entered the gate, he thought that he would land on flat ground, but was shocked to find that he seemed to have entered a lake.

“Where is this place?”


Suddenly, the Soul Suppressing Sword sank into the lake, causing waves and currents to churn.

At the same time, the lake surged and a black shadow appeared!

The moment he saw the black shadow, Ye Chen was taken aback.

This was actually a f*cking giant python!

More importantly, the giant python was staring at him!

“F*ck! Has this python cultivated into a spiritual beast?”

Before Ye Chen could figure out what was going on, the giant python charged at him with cold killing intent!

Seeing this, Ye Chen roared, “Soul Suppressing Sword, come to me!”


The Soul Suppressing Sword flew into Ye Chen’s hand, following which he unleashed an attack at the python.


It was useless!

At this moment, Chen Tianli was hovering not far from Ye Chen on a flying sword.

“Disciple, this giant python is not an ordinary giant python. It’s called the Black Explosion Python and is as hard as a rock. If your sword can split it open, I can teach you higher-grade sword techniques. If you can’t split it open, it means that you’re not qualified to learn those techniques.”

“Let me remind you again. The first two moves of the Heaven Splitting Sword might not be able to do this.”

Before Chen Tianli could finish his sentence, the giant python charged at Ye Chen in a frenzy once again.

Ye Chen frowned. Even the first two moves of the Heaven Splitting Sword would not be enough?

How was this possible? He had to give it a go!

“Hidden Dragon Slashes the Heavens!”


The powerful sword strike devastated the lake, threatening to split it into two. However, when it slammed into the giant python, the damned python remained unscathed!

Were the scales of this huge python forged from extraterrestrial materials?

Before Ye Chen could react, there was a loud explosion as the giant python slammed into Ye Chen’s body, sending him flying.


He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood!

Chen Tianli watched the fight with interest.

“You can’t underestimate this giant python. It’s far stronger than a true soul realm expert. If you don’t get serious, you might end up becoming snake food.” “Of course, this is also an opportunity. It depends on how you perform.”

Ye Chen steadied himself and gathered his true qi. He stepped on the surface of the water, and his expression turned grave and serious.

Very soon, the giant python charged at him again. After experiencing its strength once, and having been warned by Chen Tianli, Ye Chen did not dare to let his guard down!

Streams of sword qi erupted, causing sparks to fly!

However, it was useless!

The giant python seemed to have a body that was made of hardened steel!

“It seems that I can only use the third sword move of the Heaven Splitting Sword. I still have sufficient true qi, so I’ll have to give it a go.”

Whoosh whoosh whoosh…

As Ye Chen focused himself, the remaining true qi in his body surged out like a torrent. The blood dragon also rushed out of his body.

At this moment, the Slaughter Dao Lord’s words seemed to ring in his mind.

“The third sword move, Sword Slash! This sword is the essence of the Heaven-Splitting Sword and is also the most difficult move to master. However, its power is undeniable and invincible!”

Ye Chen closed his eyes and gripped his sword tightly.


Finally, the power within the deepest parts of his body seemed to erupt..

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