An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2164

Crazy Wolf left, taking the disciples of the Blood Madness Sect with him.

A storm subsided for the time being.

Dustin, as a dark horse, once again became the center of attention.

He was already somewhat famous for defeating Yayoi Kusama before, but now that he was able to survive a blow from Kuanglang head-on, he was undoubtedly even more famous.

In Longhu Mountain where masters gather and strong men emerge in large numbers, Dustin has already occupied a place with two battles.

“Return the sword to you.”

Dustin turned around, raised one hand, and the sword in his hand instantly ejected, and then flew into Liu Hongxue’s scabbard with great precision with a “clang” sound.

Just such a move makes people’s eyes light up.

“Brother Dustin! Congratulations!”

Xu Yang took the lead to step forward, smiled and clasped his fists, saying: “That sword strike you just made was so beautiful. It can be evenly matched with Kuang Lang. It’s really amazing!”

Although these words are a bit flattering, they are indeed spoken from the bottom of my heart.

Being able to block the attack of the wild waves head-on is already a distinction among the heroes.

“Hmph! You are quite capable, so you didn’t waste my sword.” Liu Hongxue raised her chin, confirming Dustin’s strength for the first time.

When Kuang Lang took out the sword just now, she thought Dustin was going to die.

Unexpectedly, the other party concealed his secrets and resolved the crisis with just one sword strike.

Unexpected indeed.

“Brother Dustin, you are really surprising everyone! I admire you!”

Yan Buqi burst into laughter, and his originally beautiful face became even more charming.

The better Dustin’s performance is, the more unique his vision is. This time he is on the right track.

“Thanks to Miss Liu’s sword, otherwise I might not have been able to stop him.” Dustin said modestly.

He could block Kuang Lang’s attack with his bare hands, but that would be too terrifying, so he temporarily borrowed Liu Hongxue’s sword to cover up the edge a little.

After all, the tournament hasn’t started yet, and there are still some strong opponents who haven’t shown up yet.

If you are too sharp at this time, you will only get yourself into trouble.

If you can be low-key, it’s better to be low-key.

“As long as you know!”

Liu Hongxue raised her head and said very proudly: “To tell you the truth, my sword is made of cold iron. It is much more powerful than Kuang Lang’s tattered sword. If you are lucky enough to survive, my sword will account for Half the credit!”

Kuang Lang used a broken knife, while Dustin just used a cold iron sword.

In terms of weapons, Dustin had a huge advantage.

“Okay, Mr. Dustin was able to escape unscathed, all thanks to his own ability. Your sword has no effect.”

Liu Rushuang poured cold water on her sister mercilessly, and then rushed to Dustin and said, “Mr. Dustin, although you have temporarily resolved the crisis, the people of the Blood Madness Sect will definitely not let it go. I’m afraid someone will deliberately frame her. So that you two can fight to the death!”

“I know this well. Although I am not afraid of the Blood Madness Sect, I will never take the blame for others. If it is framed, then I cannot stand by and watch.”

After Dustin finished speaking, he winked at Chunhua Qiuyue next to him.

The two women understood immediately, nodded and turned to leave.

With Li Qingcheng’s power and intelligence network, he must be well aware of what happened near Longhu Mountain.

If anything is wrong, I believe it can be investigated quickly.

“Senior brother! Senior brother! Something bad has happened! Something big has happened!”

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