An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2167

Chapter 2167

Even if you practice, it will still be difficult and difficult.

But today, they saw a special case.

Although his body is obviously incomplete, he has reached a state that many geniuses cannot reach.

It’s simply unbelievable!

Such people can no longer be judged by common sense.

There are many martial arts geniuses in this world, but a waste like this who is better than a genius is rare in a thousand years!

They really can’t imagine what kind of price the other party paid to achieve today’s achievements?

“It seems that this killer is very difficult to deal with!”

Yan Buqi picked up the tea cup and took a sip, then looked at Yan Jin and continued to ask: “Besides the portrait of the killer, is there any other news?”

“Brother, according to the investigation, the killer killed seven people in total last night!” Yan Jin suddenly said something shocking.

“Seven people?” Yan Buqi raised his eyebrows: “Which seven?”

“In addition to the frenzy of the Blood Madness Sect, besides my four brothers and sisters, Chen Xingwen, the little spear fairy of the Tianxiahui, was also killed.” Yan Jin said.

“What? The little gun fairy Chen Xingwen is dead?”

Hearing this, Liu Hongxue stood up directly, with a face full of surprise.

She has a good impression of Chen Xingwen, a young talent like Chen Xingwen who is upright, upright and talented.

It’s a pity that I never had the chance to meet him.

Unexpectedly, Chen Xingwen was killed after one night.

This result made it difficult for her to accept it for a while.

“It’s okay to offend the Blood Madness Sect and Yama Luodian. I didn’t expect that this killer would even dare to offend the Tianxiahui. What a madman!” Xu Yang sighed.

Chen Xingwen is a key figure cultivated by Tianxiahui. Now that he is assassinated, Tianxiahui will definitely not let it go.

“Having offended so many sects at once, that person is really not afraid of disaster?” Liu Rushuang frowned slightly, looking very puzzled.

The people who were killed came from all over the world, from different sects and had no connection at all.

According to normal logic, the killer should not be out for revenge.

So what are the benefits of doing this?

“There are only six including Chen Xingwen, who is the other one?” Yan Buqi suddenly asked.

“The last person, from Longhu Mountain, is Zhang Yuzhen’s direct disciple, Zhang Chenchen!” Yan Jin spoke solemnly.


As soon as these words came out, Xu Yang was so shocked that he cursed: “Did I hear wrongly? That guy actually killed people from Longhu Mountain? And he was also a disciple of Zhang Yuzhen?!”

Ever since Zhang Xuanji took control of Longhu Mountain, no one has dared to cause trouble, let alone kill its core disciples.

This killer who suddenly appeared is really pulling out the tiger’s teeth and causing trouble!

“If you don’t even take Longhu Mountain seriously, what is this guy’s background?” Liu Hongxue was shocked and angry.

“We should not need to take care of this matter. If someone dies in Longhu Mountain, we will never sit idly by and ignore it. As long as the masters of Longhu Mountain take action, no matter how powerful the killer is, he will only wait for his life.” Liu Rushuang said calmly. The way.

When Longhu Mountain is involved, things are completely different. Looking at the entire world, no one dares to challenge Longhu Mountain.

“That being said, I’m afraid that the killer will continue to commit crimes before the real culprit is found in Longhu Mountain.”

Dustin squinted his eyes and said: “Seven people have died, and they are all outstanding disciples of various sects. If I guess correctly, this killer wants to take advantage of this martial arts tournament to kill all the members of our Dragon Kingdom.” Kill all the talented warriors!”


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