An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2168

Chapter 2168


After hearing Dustin’s analysis, everyone present was shocked and a little unbelievable.

Killing all the talented warriors in the Dragon Kingdom, not to mention whether it can be done, just such a conspiracy is enough to make people tremble.

Because only a madman would have such thoughts.

And often this kind of madman is the most feared existence.

“Yan Jin! Have all those who were killed signed up to participate in the martial arts competition?” Yan Buqi couldn’t help but ask.

“That’s right.” Yan Jin nodded heavily: “Although the deceased came from various sects, they had a common goal, which was to make a splash in the martial arts competition.”

Whether it is Kuangchao, Chen Xingwen, Zhang Chenchen, or the five ghosts of Yama Palace, they have all signed up to compete and are ready to show off their skills in Longhu Mountain.

Unfortunately, before the game even started, the lives of these young talents were completely over.

“If this is the case, then Brother Dustin’s guess should be very close to ten.”

Yan Buqi stood up, circling around the table, tapping his palms with a folding fan, and said thoughtfully: “Any warrior who has signed up and has good talent and strength will become the target of the killer, including All of us will be in danger, so we have to find a way to eliminate this threat as soon as possible!”

“Excuse me, I haven’t signed up yet.”

At this time, Dustin suddenly raised his hand.


As soon as these words came out, Yan Buqi couldn’t help but froze, and said in astonishment: “Brother Dustin, do you know that tomorrow is the last registration deadline for the martial arts competition? You haven’t registered yet?”

“I’ve been busy these past two days, so I forgot about it.” Dustin shrugged.

He originally planned to sign up directly after finding a place to stay, but he never expected to be held back by various things, so he has not yet obtained a place in the competition.

“Uh…” Yan Buqi was speechless for a moment.

For such a major event, every contestant pays special attention to it and has made various preparations early.

However, rhys didn’t seem to care at all. He didn’t even plan for a rainy day and even forgot to sign up.

He really didn’t know what to say.

“It’s okay, these are minor problems, you continue.”

Dustin raised his chin and signaled Yan Buqi to continue.

Yan Buqi’s mouth twitched, his expression was quite resentful, and after a moment of silence he said: “Now we people have become the targets of killers, and we are not sure whether this killer kills people randomly? Or there is some death list ?

What I mean is that instead of being passively defensive and waiting for the killer to come to your door, it is better to take the initiative, gather all your strength, and annihilate it in one fell swoop! “

The best defense is to attack. When the enemy is in darkness and we are clear, if we only seek to protect ourselves, we will easily be defeated one by one.

But if you change the approach and put the killer on the table, it will be easy to deal with.

If you can’t fight alone, then just besiege!

There are so many masters near Longhu Mountain, and it is easy to deal with one person together.

“Mr. Yan, have you thought of any solution?” Liu Rushuang asked tentatively.

“I do have a plan, and that is to lure the snake out of its hole!”

Yan Buqi lowered his voice and said: “Since the killer’s target is all the young talents participating in the competition, then we will simply release a bait and let him come to the door himself!”

“Brother Yan, can you make it clearer? I don’t understand a bit.” Liu Hongxue scratched her head, looking half-informed.

“First of all, we select a powerful warrior from among the contestants as a bait, and then spread the word around to build momentum for him, try to attract the attention of the killer, and create an environment for assassination. And we, the people, are lying in ambush. All around, once the killer shows up, take him down immediately!” Yan Buqi clenched his fist fiercely.

“good idea!”

Xu Yang slapped the table and laughed loudly: “Young master Yan is really quick in thinking. He can come up with such a clever plan. It’s really admirable!”


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