An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2170

Chapter 2170

A moment later.

The registration office for the Longhu Mountain Tournament.

A group of warriors in different costumes were lining up to sign up, and Dustin was among them.

After the plan was finalized, Dustin was surrounded by a group of people from Yan Buqi and arrived at the registration location.

The sun will set soon, but there is an endless stream of people coming to sign up.

However, this martial arts tournament has specially set a threshold. To successfully register, you must pass the assessment.

The content of the assessment is very simple, that is, “ability to carry the cauldron.”

Longhu Mountain prepared three large bronze cauldrons, weighing 10,000 jins, 50,000 jins, and 100,000 jins respectively.

If you can lift a 10,000-pound cauldron, you will be selected into Group C and compete with warriors of the same level. Only after you win can you advance to Group B.

Those who lift the 50,000-pound cauldron are considered outstanding and will be directly selected into Group B to compete with warriors of the same level. Only after winning can they be promoted to Group A.

As for those who can lift a 100,000-pound cauldron, they are all seed players and advance directly to Group A.

In the battle between Group C and Group B, Group A does not need to participate.

After the winners of Group C and Group B are selected, they will be eligible to compete with the players of Group A to show off.

Simply put, the heavier the tripod, the higher the rating and the greater the advantage. Competitors can save a lot of physical energy and avoid meaningless battles.

“Contestant No. 843, failed, next one!”

In the square, a man of medium build was holding a large bronze cauldron with both hands. He gritted his teeth and blushed. He tried his best to lift the 10,000-pound cauldron.

In the end, the referee declared failure.

The Ten Thousand Jin Cauldron is basically the difference between an innate warrior and an acquired warrior.

Leaving aside some warriors who are born with divine power, the limit of acquired warriors is basically ten thousand kilograms of strength.

In other words, to lift a cauldron weighing ten thousand kilograms, one must at least be an innate warrior!

This threshold directly eliminates all those who are lucky.

If you can’t even lift a 10,000-pound cauldron, then you won’t be eligible to participate in a martial arts competition like this where elites and masters gather.

“Get out of the way! Let me do it!”

A burly man pushed away the sighing contestant No. 843 and stepped forward voluntarily.

The strong man was wearing a black vest, with a rough face and bulging muscles. He looked very powerful.

The strong man first circled the 10,000-jin cauldron twice, then grabbed the two cauldron ears with both hands, and then lifted it up with force.

The heavy bronze cauldron was lifted directly, and its three bronze legs were frozen ten centimeters above the ground.

“Lifting it up doesn’t count, you have to lift it above your head!” Someone reminded from the side.

“Hmph! With such a small weight, how can you defeat me?”

The strong man smiled confidently, used his hands again, lifted them up, and shouted: “Kick it up for me!”

Without any pause, the 10,000-jin bronze cauldron was directly lifted over his head by the strong man.

In order to show his strength, the strong man also held the cauldron and spun around in circles several times. His relaxed appearance won the applause of many people.

“Brother, you’re awesome! You can lift the 10,000-pound cauldron at your command, it’s amazing!”

“This guy doesn’t seem to be using his full strength yet. He does have something.”

“Hmph! What does it mean to lift a 10,000-jin cauldron? I just barely passed the test. If you have the ability, try a 50,000-jin cauldron!”

The contestants queuing up to sign up were all talking, some praised, some despised, with different expressions.

“Contestant No. 844 passed the test. This is your promotion token. Please keep it.”

The examiner expressionlessly handed over a wooden token with the words “Longhu Mountain” on the front and the new contestant number on the back.


The strong man did not pick up the wooden token, but said loudly: “The 10,000-jin cauldron is too light for me. I want to try this 50,000-jin cauldron!”

As soon as these words came out, the surrounding discussion became even louder.

“Challenge a 50,000-jin cauldron? Can this guy do it?”

“I see that he has a strong physique, full of vitality, and full of confidence. Maybe he can really do it.”


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