Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1378 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1378

Zachary believed that Serenity would go home with him so long as he made it inside without bothering the Soxes from their rest.

With that in mind, a certain somebody got into action.

He had no idea that the Soxes‘ hounds were spying on him in a corner.

Zachary climbed up the gate, ready to jump off when he turned and saw two wolfhounds fixating on him.

Zachary nearly lost his wits.

He knew that the nearby neighbors had dogs.

These dogs were barking as he drove past their houses to get to the Soxes‘ residence.

However, he had no clue that the Soxes kept dogs.

The dogs belonging to the neighbors stopped barking when he pulled up in front of the Soxes‘ residence and the Soxes‘ dogs did not make a sound either.

It never occurred to him that these hounds were not barkers.

The saying was all bark and no bite, but if it were the other way round…

These dogs would have ripped him apart if he jumped without turning over to look.

Woof! Woof

Seeing that Zachary had no intentions to jump, the hounds started growling at Zachary.

Zachary then noticed a light coming onto the Soxes‘ property. He quickly jumped off the other side of the gate and returned to his car upon landing. Leaning against his car, he pretended like nothing ever happened and tried to pull a cigarette out to smoke. Zachary could not find his cigarette pack.

He rarely smoked now since Serenity was not keen on the smell of tobacco.

Zachary did not carry any cigarettes with him.

“Who is it, Whiskey?”

Mrs. Sox’s voice was heard.

She came out of the house and turned on the lights in the yard. With the dogs barking toward the gate, she walked down the steps to get a closer look.

Zachary approached the gate to the yard and said, “Mrs. Sox, it’s me, Zachary.”

Mrs. Sox saw him.

“Oh, Zachary. It’s late. What brings you here?”

“I’m here to bring Seren home, Mrs. Sox.”

Mrs. Sox drew close, but she did not open the gate for Zachary. She said, “Seren said she had a headache, so she slept early. I don’t think we should wake her. Why don’t you just come in the morning?”

Zachary asked with concern, “Why did Seren have a headache?”

“She said she had too much to drink at the party and didn’t rest well today.”

Zachary blamed himself for that.

She was not able to catch up on sleep today because of him. That was why her head hurt.

“Mrs. Sox, I see there’s a light in the room on the third floor. Is Seren awake?”

Mrs. Sox turned around and looked up to the third floor. She answered, “No. That’s Jasmine’s night light. It’s just a slight glimmer.”

“Oh,” Zachary remarked.

He wanted to pick Serenity up, but Mrs. Sox said Serenity had gone to bed early on.

She did not want to wake Serenity.

Now that he knew Serenity had a headache, Zachary did not want Mrs. Sox to wake Serenity either.

“I’ll come by in the morning to bring Seren home, Mrs. Sox.”

Mrs. Sox replied, “You might want to come early. Jasmine talked about taking Serenity to check on the progress of their investment project first thing in the morning.”

“Okay. I’ll be here by dawn. Thank you, Mrs. Sox.”

“You’re welcome. Now go home.”

Mrs. Sox petted the hounds and said, “He’s not a stranger, so stop barking. Go lie down.”

The hounds obediently turned around and crouched in their corner as they continued to watch the house.

Mrs. Sox then turned on her heel and walked back to the house.


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