Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 560 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 560

“What’s wrong, Seren?”

Zachary noticed something was wrong with her and quickly walked over. He sat down on the edge of the bed, reached out to tug her body, and asked with concern, unwell?”

“My stomach hurts.”

“Are you feeling

“Your stomach? Are you bloated because you ate too much during supper?”

Serenity glared at him.

“No? Then why does your stomach hurt?”

Serenity rolled over and turned her back to him. “You won’t understand. I’ll be fine if I lie down and bear with it for a while.”

Zachary frowned.

He stood up then bent down to pick her up from the bed again. His handsome face said seriously, “I don’t know medicine, but a doctor does. I’ll send you to the hospital. Don’t try to endure it. It’ll be too late for regrets if you bear with it and it turns out to be a big problem.” “There’s no need to go to the hospital. I just… It hurts because I’m having period cramps.”

Zachary paused before saying, “Your… period… O–Oh. I get it now.”

He quickly placed Serenity back on the bed. “Why does it hurt?”

He had no clue that period would bring pain to women when Aunt Flo visited.. There were no young girls in his family, and he had no contact with women except those from his father’s generation.

Thus, he genuinely had no idea about such things.

When Serenity had her period, he would make hot cocoa for her because he had seen his father prepared it for his mother before. That was why he knew that girls could drink hot cocoa during their menses.

“Maybe it’s hurting because I was out and about during the day, and because of the cold weather. Please brew me a cup of hot cocoa.”

“Okay, hang in there. I’ll go prepare it for you now.”

Zachary quickly rushed to make the hot drink and even called his mother while he was in the kitchen.

“Zack, your mom is asleep. Call again tomorrow.”

The person who answered the phone was his father.

“Dad, can you wake Mom up? I have something to ask her.”

“What’s so important that you have to ask her now? I told you, your mother is asleep, so don’t wake her. Tell me what’s the issue. Maybe I can help you solve it.”

In Liam’s opinion, his son’s problems were not as important as letting his wife sleep.

“Dad, do you know of any medicine that can relieve menstrual cramps?”

Liam said after a pause, “Are they for you?”

Zachary was speechless. “What are you talking about? My wife needs them.”

“You scared me to death. I thought you went for a s*x reassignment surgery and became a woman. Although your mom and I want a daughter, we’ve long accepted the fact that we only have a son. We’re looking forward to having a granddaughter now. Don’t even think about getting a s*x reassignment surgery.”

Zachary was amazed by his father’s thought process to be able to think of something as absurd as a s*x reassignment surgery at this hour.

“Go get a warm compress for her to apply to her abdomen. You can also make her drinks like hot cocoa or chamomile tea. Actually, just have a child soon and it’ll be fine.

“Your mom was like that in the past too, but she got a lot better after giving birth to you. Her cramps would only hurt badly when she was tired.”

“All right, I get it.”

Zachary hurriedly hung up the phone, afraid that his father would say something shocking again.

He made the hot cocoa for Serenity and brought it into the room. “I’m going out to buy some medicine for you.”

He swiftly took the car keys and left.

Serenity turned around and tried to call out to him, but only saw his back as he closed the door.

He was wearing a nightshirt and slippers…

Zachary was someone who cared a lot about his image, but because of her, he forgot that he was in his sleepwear and hurried out to buy medicine.

Serenity was warmed by his action.

It turned out that even an iceberg could thaw into such a caring man.


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