Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 563 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 563

Zachary held Serenity, intending to meet her in dreamland.

After closing his eyes, something abruptly came to mind. He gently peeled away

from Serenity and sat up.

Zachary reached out to grab Serenity’s phone on the bedside table.

He posted the photo on Facebook to announce he was

married within his circle.

The photo would definitely get out in the open. Zachary was not afraid of the

photo getting circulated because the photo only showed a pair of hands. It

would protect Serenity from the media vultures for


However, Serenity’s post on Facebook might be seen by Elisa.

Since Serenity and Elisa were close, the girls would have added each other on


Clive could see his photo through others while Elisa would find the photo on

Serenity’s Facebook. By making a comparison, Elisa would realize that Serenity

was his wife.

Zachary could not let Elisa know about him and Serenity for now.

Serenity and Mrs. Stone had done a DNA test, and the results would be out in

two days. No matter the outcome, it would not change the fact that Serenity and

Elisa hit it off. Should his cover be blown, Zachary shuddered to think of the


Grabbing Serenity’s phone, Zachary tapped on her Facebook app, but she had

logged out.

“Her password…”

Zachary furrowed his brows. He was watching beside her when Serenity was

logging in. Her password was…

He harked back for a moment before attempting to key in a password.

The first attempt came out wrong.

So was the second attempt.

Taking a pause, Zachary forced himself to keep his cool and not to panic. He

dug back into his memory for the letters Serenity had tapped on.

After a few minutes of silence, Zachary tried once

more to key in the password. This time, he got into her Facebook.

Zachary grinned widely, feeling happier than when closing a multi-billion-dollar


He quickly searched Serenity’s list of friends on Facebook and found Elisa.

Thank goodness Elisa used her actual name.

Zachary then tapped on Elisa’s profile and blocked her from Serenity’s

Facebook posts and stories.

Serenity shared the photo on her stories, so the photo would be long gone by

the time Serenity realized that Elisa could not see her posts and stories.

He thanked his lucky stars that he and Serenity published the photo late at

night. Their friends were fast asleep in bed.

No one had liked the photo Serenity posted yet.

The certain repeat theft offender happily lay back down by Serenity.

Struck by a thought, Zachary took Serenity’s phone once more and checked

what Serenity saved his contact under.

[Mr. York – Husband married at first sight]

Zachary was speechless.

Serenity was probably concerned she would forget

who he was for her to add the remarks behind Mr.


It was just like when he forgot who she was and deleted her number. He added

her number back and

added a remark so he could remember her.

Putting down the phone, Zachary grabbed his phone and searched for

Serenity’s contact. He then changed the contact’s name to “my wife”.

Serenity would think that it was sweet of him should one day she was to check

her name on his phone.

As if Serenity would think that.”

“Goodnight, Serenity. Please dream of me.”

Zachary murmured in her ear before hitting the sack with her in his arms.

Serenity had a dreamless sleep until the morning light.

Opening her eyes, she found herself alone in bed. She had no idea when

Zachary got up.

Serenity sat up and noticed that Zachary had put her clothes on the nightstand.

She would not be able to miss them when she got up.


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