Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 564 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 564

“That’s so considerate of Zachary.”

Serenity took the clothes but was not in a hurry to get out of bed. Instead, she held the clothes in one hand and her phone in another to check her Facebook out of habit. No one sent a message last night, but a few liked her stories.

Nevertheless, she limited her Facebook posts and stories to a few of her closest friends. She did not want those fellows in the same trade to access her personal life because she preferred to keep her privacy that way.

Although Serenity often posted on Facebook, she tended to post on stories as they would be gone after a certain amount of time.

Zachary was the first to like her post last night.

Serenity was dumbstruck. Did she allow him access to her Facebook posts and stories when she added him?

Maybe she forgot to limit Zachary’s access when she first added him on Facebook.

Thinking back, Serenity did not publish anything

other than her crafts and flowers on the balcony. She

felt at ease and relieved that she did not bad-mouth Zachary on Facebook.

Zachary pushed the bedroom door open and entered

the room.

“Are you awake?”

He was dressed in a tracksuit.

It was apparent that he went downstairs for a run.

“You still got up early to go for a run on such a cold day.”

“I’m used to it.”

Closing the door behind him, Zachary approached her and sat on the bed. He asked with concern, “Does your stomach still hurt?”


Serenity carried her clothes and slipped out of bed with her phone in hand. “You’re not in a rush to get changed, right? I call dibs on the washroom.”

“Go on. I’ll make you breakfast.”

Stopping in her tracks, Serenity cocked her head back and asked, “Are you fine in that department?”

Zachary’s eyes darkened.

Picking up on his reaction, Serenity immediately said, “Get your mind out of the gutter. I mean, can you manage breakfast?”

Zachary rose to his feet and drew close to her before straightening out her messy hair. His voice was husky. “You need to try before you know if I’m fine in that department.”

Serenity was at a loss for words.

Since it seemed to Serenity that Zachary was hitting on her, she did not know what to say. Her response might just land them in bed too soon.

“But I rarely make my own food ever since I started working at York Corporation. Work has been busy.”

Although Zachary had joined the company for training and on-the-job learning before taking over York Corporation, Nana had requested that her grandchildren practice independence in managing themselves and not be waited on hand and foot at home. They were to pick up after themselves.

On occasion, Nana would want to try her

grandchildren’s cooking on a whim. She would point out the chef of the day to cook up a few of their specialties.

Nana mentioned that although they were rich, they

should master various life skills. It was never a bad thing to equip themselves with skills as they would only come in handy.

With many talents under their belts, they would be able to make it out on their own even if they were to leave the shelter of their family.

Thanks to Nana, the grandsons became useful in the kitchen.

It had been a while since Zachary cooked anything, so he was a little rusty.

With sparkling eyes, Serenity uttered in anticipation, “I get to try your cooking.”

Her excitement delighted Zachary. At least, she was looking forward to it and supporting his gesture.

“Get dressed. I need a change of clothes too, and then I’ll make you breakfast.”


Serenity carried her clothes and turned her heel to the


After closing the door, she posted on Facebook.

[The weather is chilly today, but a sun lives inside me, melting my heart.]


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