Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 565 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 565

Serenity’s heart melted at Zachary’s warm gestures while on the other side, Elisa’s spirits were dampened as she was given a rude awakening before she even got out of bed.

As Zachary changed the settings on Serenity’s

Facebook, Elisa did not see the photo on Serenity’s stories. It was her sister-in-law who showed her the photo.

Her sister-in-law, Alice, knocked on the door and entered her room when Elisa just woke up.

Alice quietly tapped on a picture on her phone and showed Elisa.

Since Elisa had just gotten up, she could not

understand the meaning behind her sister-in-law’s actions.

Elisa asked, “Alice, who’s showing this mushy stuff online? Are you trying to get under my skin for being single by showing it to me?”

Alice stared at her without a word.

In fact, Alice gave her blessing to Elisa to fight for true love. As Zachary was outstanding in every single

way, he would make the perfect couple with Elisa.

Alas, Zachary was not into Elisa.

Elisa had tried to move on, but years did not chip away her love for him. Hence why she boldly professed her love for Zachary and went after him.

To everybody’s surprise, Zachary suddenly revealed that he was married.

Alice suspected that Zachary deliberately delivered the blow so Elisa would get over her feelings for him.

However, her husband received a screenshot from a friend this morning. It was a screenshot of Zachary’s Facebook post.

Zachary had published a photo. Although there was no caption, anybody could see that Zachary was announcing that he was married on his Facebook


Clive sent the screenshot to Alice’s phone so the latter would show it to Elisa.

It was to get Elisa to give up on Zachary.

Alice even told her husband off for making her do such a thing and put Elisa down first thing in the morning.

Clive said that Elisa would find out sooner or later.

The matter would not be kept under wraps for long since the higher society of Wiltspoon was aware of Zachary’s post.

As Elisa’s family, they should show the photo to Elisa before anybody mentioned it to her. It would save Elisa from thinking they tried to hide it from her.

“Why are you looking at me like that, Alice? It’s not like I posted the photo.”

Sitting up, Elisa extended her arm and took the phone from Alice. She took a closer look at the photo and said, “Let me see who’s flashing lovey-dovey stuff early in the morning. Are you onto some gossip and want to share the juicy bits with me… Zachary’s Facebook?”

Alice nodded and replied, “Your brother said you had asked him to look into whether Zachary was really married. Your brother refused, didn’t he? Now that he received this screenshot, he told me to show it to you.

“Zachary posted the photo on Facebook, announcing that he’s married in our circle. He did not wear a ring on purpose for you to get over him. He’s really married. Look, the ring is not photoshopped.”

Although Elisa stopped pestering Zachary lately after he dropped the news on her, she had been wishfully thinking that he bought a ring to wear on his ring

finger to get her to move on.

Now that she had seen Zachary’s Facebook post, her

hopes came crumbling down.

He was really married!

Color washed off Elisa’s face.


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