Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 569 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 569

Elisa thought she was seeing things.

Zachary traveled around in a Rolls Royce with a convoy of black personal security cars. Besides, there was no way Zachary would be here.

No one in his family was in Wiltspoon School.

Elisa put the matter behind her.

Upon reaching Serenity’s bookshop, Elisa pulled up as Serenity carried Sonny out.

“Serenity, how do you know I was here?”

Elisa got out of the car and added with a smile. “You even came to greet me with Sonny

“Nah. I’m taking Sonny to the supermarket.”

Elisa drew close and reached out to carry Sonny, but Sonny turned away and pulled his arms. around Serenity’s neck. He said, “I want Ant Swer.”

Serenity explained, “Sonny is getting better, but he only wants people who are close to him. “The Browns are a real piece of work!” Elisa cussed the Browns as she did not get to hug the adorable Sonny. She asked, “Has your sister divorced Hank?”

“They split up yesterday. She got the divided assets and renovation costs back.”

Serenity carried Sonny back into the shop. With Elisa here, she could hold off the shopping for later.

“You’re here early. Are the DNA test results out?”

Since Elisa was here alone without Mrs. Stone, the results probably revealed that Serenity was unrelated to Mrs. Stone.

“The DNA results aren’t out yet. My mom will collect the results tomorrow afternoon. I’m in a horrible mood. Coming here for a chat will make me feel better. My mom wanted to come along, but I told her not to. I want to vent my feelings.

Elisa had been madly in love with Zachary for many years. It was impossible for her to let go of her feelings for Zachary so soon.

She was in pain and agony, but she did not want to cry in front of her family.

Elisa did not want to give her family something to worry about.

She was willing to confide in Serenity as Serenity understood her.

“What’s the matter?”

Serenity asked with concern, “Did something happen? You don’t look too good.”

Jasmine said hello to Elisa.

Mrs. Lane went to hold Sonny so that the missus could have a good talk with Ms. Stone.

After carrying Sonny away, Mrs. Lane hid behind a huge bookshelf and sent a message to Old Mrs. York and Mr. Zachary to inform them of Ms. Stone’s presence at the shop.

Grandma May was not at the shop today as she was playing chess with the senior citizens in the neighborhood.

Mrs. Lane dared say that Grandma May would make a name for herself in Brynfield if she played on for days.

The old missus was great at chess

She had a bubbly personality and was the gem of the Yorks.

Jasmine came out with a pot of tea.

Elisa seldom drank tea, but she quit being the heiress of the Stones when she came to Serenity’s place. She took whatever Serenity and Jasmine drank.


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