Married at First Sight Chapter 2316 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2316 by desirenovel-It’s a difficult thing to do.

She could only let Mr. Fraser do it, Mr. Fraser was the most capable person around her.

All the confidantes that Mr. Fraser trained for her were capable.

Mr. Fraser said apologetically, “Miss, I’m useless, and I haven’t been able to hand in an answer that will satisfy you.”

Kathryn: “It’s not that you are useless. This matter has been going on for decades. Even if there is evidence, it has been completely destroyed by my mother. The insiders of the year are probably dead. It is difficult to obtain evidence if you want to investigate clearly. There is no evidence in Wiltspoon either. Their power is stronger and they have more connections.”

Her cousin was also in Wiltspoon.

“Was there no action in Wiltspoon for so long?” Mr. Fraser was a little curious, feeling that Wiltspoon was too quiet.

After Kathryn was silent for a while, she said: “Zachary and Serenity’s wedding is coming soon, and Liberty’s new restaurant has just opened for business. My cousin doesn’t want to spoil everyone’s interest at this time.”

The blood test results between her and Mrs. Stone came out a long time ago.

Mrs. Stone didn’t tell her.

She guessed that they were aunts and cousins.

Mr. Fraser hummed, “It’s also possible. Miss, are you going to attend Young Master York’s wedding?”

Kathryn: “The York Family didn’t send invitations to our Farrell Family.”

The two had no friendship.

The York family didn’t send invitations, and if Kathryn went uninvited, she and her mother would easily have conflicts, unless her mother took her to go uninvited.

Kathryn: “Knowing that Serenity and her sister are doing well, I feel better.”

If the previous matriarch Farrell really died at the hands of her own mother, Serenity and Liberty’s mother also perished tragically as a result of the matriarch Farrell’s cruelty, which was equivalent to accusing Serenity and Liberty.

Mrs. Stone was doing well, and Serenity and Liberty were also doing well, so Kathryn felt a little less guilty.

Mr. Fraser stopped talking.

The car drove for a while on the street at night.

After walking the path back to Farrell’s mansion, Mr. Fraser suddenly said, “Miss, does Young Master Queen have any thoughts about you?”

He felt that his young lady would often meet Young Master Queen by chance.

Young Master Queen’s suitors had no chance to meet him by chance, but his young lady often met him.

This was either the fate of the two, or it was deliberately done by Young Master Queen.

Kathryn smiled and said: “Impossible, Young Master Queen told me that he appreciates me very much, but he has no feelings for me. Please remind me not to have any thoughts about him, otherwise I must be the one who gets hurt. However, I really admire Young Master Queen.”

Kathryn admitted that she admired Hayden.

If Hayden hadn’t said those things to her, she might have really thought about Hayden.

After Hayden reminded her, she took control of her heart, no longer missed Hayden, and understood that she and Hayden were not suitable, no matter whether she took over Farrell’s family in the future, she was not suitable for Hayden.

“Young Master Queen is very outstanding, handsome and rich, mature and steady, and he is the head of the Queen family. Many young girls in Jensburg will like him after seeing him.” Mr. Fraser said this with a hint of sourness.

Kathryn didn’t realize it, she smiled and said: “That’s right, Young Master Queen is a magnet. He can attract the attention of little girls wherever he goes, but I’m not a little girl, so I won’t fall into it.

Shiloh loves Young Master Queen badly, but it’s a pity that Young Master Queen doesn’t even want to look at her.”

Every time she saw Shiloh chasing Hayden hard and getting no response, Kathryn crazily gave Hayden a thumbs up.


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