Married at First Sight Chapter 2320 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2320 by desirenovel-“Mom, I will accompany Kathryn tomorrow.”

As soon as Shiloh heard that Kathryn wanted to invite Hayden to dinner, she made a request to her adoptive mother.

Matriarch Farrell said lightly: “Shiloh, don’t go. You have to be self-aware of Young master Queen’s attitude towards you. I don’t care how you pursue Young master Queen. I only care about the result, but Kathryn asked Young master Queen to eat. It is also good for the business relationship between our two companies, and it cannot be messed up by you.

Kathryn, you can ask Young master Queen to eat less, I have no objection. You have negotiated the big deal tonight, and mom is very happy. I will give you a new car tomorrow. You can go to the 4S shop to choose a new car. The budget for your new car is five million.”

Hearing this, Shiloh enviously said: “Mom, my car is not that expensive.”

Kathryn replied: “You are mother’s adopted daughter, and I am mother’s biological daughter. Do you have the nerve to compare yourself with me? Shiloh, you must be self-aware.”

Shiloh: “…”

She looked at her adoptive mother pitifully.

Matriarch Farrell pretended not to see it, and did not stand by her side.

Shiloh realized that no matter how harshly her adoptive mother treated Kathryn, no matter how fiercely she scolded Kathryn, Kathryn would always be Matriarch Farrell’s biological daughter.

She really couldn’t compare to Kathryn more and more.

What’s the use of adoptive mother pampering her verbally?


Matriarch Farrell said to her husband again: “Since Kathryn doesn’t want to get married yet, let’s put this matter aside for the time being. My daughter is grown up and has her own thoughts and opinions. Marriage is a lifelong event. You have to find someone she likes. Just do it.”

“Kathryn’s marriage; as parents, we can give you a reference. You don’t have to make decisions for her; let her choose her destined man. She is not yet thirty years old, and when she is busy, how many days will she be married? Let’s talk about it next year.”

She waited until the daughter had completely controlled the Farrell family before considering marrying a husband.

“Butler, send Young Master Giguere out.”

When Matriarch Farrell said this, she didn’t even look at Leo, obviously she didn’t like him.

Leo was furious in his heart, and he didn’t show it on his face, and he didn’t dare to resist Matriarch Farrell.

Everyone in Jensburg knew that in the Farrell family, a woman was in charge of the house, and no one in the Farrell family could challenge the majesty of the Matriarch Farrell.

Not to mention his second generation ancestor who came from a small family.

Leo got up, said goodbye to everyone with a smile, then took a deep look at Kathryn, and followed the butler out.

After sending Leo away, Matriarch Farrell got up and said to Kathryn: “Kathryn, you go upstairs with me, I have something to ask you.”

Kathryn responded, stood up, and followed her mother upstairs.

As soon as the mother and daughter left, Shiloh sat next to her adoptive father, held Holden’s arm resolutely, and said coquettishly: “Dad, I want to accompany Kathryn to ask Young master Queen to eat, please help me say something in front of Mom.

Mom is becoming more and more eccentric, but dad, you’re still as good to me as ever.”

Holden’s love for Shiloh was true.

Matriarch Farrell also loved Shiloh very much, but she was busy with work and spent little time with her children.

Before knowing that Shiloh was transferred, Shiloh was the only daughter of the couple and the heir of the Farrell family. Holden loved this daughter, Shiloh, deeply and often took her to meet with his family to cultivate their relationship, thinking that after Shiloh became a mother, he could bring more benefits to his family and make his family feel proud. The daughter didn’t share his surname Janzen, but the blood of their Janzen family was flowing on her body.


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