Married At First Sight Chapter 3278

Married At First Sight Chapter 3278-After simply eating something, Serenity went out in the car and headed to the company. When she arrived at the company and entered the office, she saw many gifts.

Secretary Hillier said, “Madam, The fourth young master said he bought it for Miss Du and asked you to help him deliver it to Miss Du. This is his apology to Miss Du.”

Secretary Hillier didn’t hear Evan’s gossip and was very curious. But if her boss doesn’t tell her, she won’t ask.

“Why doesn’t Evan send it himself?”

Serenity looked at the pile of gifts, many of which were Wiltspoon’s specialties.

They were all the things she wanted to buy for Abby, so Evan bought them, which made it easier for her.

Secretary Hillier: “Fourth Young Master didn’t say anything.”

Serenity: “Well, I understand. Go ahead and do the work.”

Serenity walked to her desk, took out her cell phone from her bag, and called Evan.

Evan quickly answered Serenity’s call. On the phone, Evan made another request.

Knowing that Evan really decided to give up on Abby, the two of them could not become husband and wife, nor could they become friends; at least the future fourth young lady would become jealous.

But Evan did flirt with Abby. After Abby fell in love with him, he pulled away and left. He was sorry for Abby.

He then bought some gifts and gave them to Abby through Serenity’s hand, just to make himself feel better.

After this time, he will not give anything to Abby again.

Serenity said, “Okay, I’ll send it to Abby for you, and I’ll tell her that you bought it.”

Evan paused and said, “Just say it.”

It’s okay if he doesn’t go there.

After meeting Fox last night, Evan became more and more sure of his feelings.

He just loved Fox.

Even though he still didn’t know Fox’s name, where she lived, or where she came from, it didn’t stop him from liking her.

Emotional matters were the most difficult to force. Evan didn’t want to force himself.

Grandma didn’t care about him anymore, so he let himself go and left as he pleased.

Therefore, he didn’t even go to see Abby. Abby probably didn’t want to see him again. She was also the kind of person who would break it off completely.

In this aspect, she was quite similar to him.

Evan: “Sister-in-law, I’m sorry to trouble you.”

“Who called me your sister-in-law?” Serenity sighed.

After hanging up the phone, Serenity also processed a few documents before letting two bodyguards come in to help move things and stuff all the gifts prepared by Evan into her car. Then, under the escort of two bodyguards, she went to the Wiltspoon Hotel.

Abby packed her luggage and checked out of the room. She just walked out of the hotel with her small suitcase and was about to call a car to go to the airport.

Her flight was after 12 o’clock.

It was the best time to go to the airport. Once she got to the airport, she had something to eat and waited to fly back to Hiribaty.

Serenity saw her dragging her suitcase out and quickly asked the driver to stop.

“Abby.” Serenity got out of the car and walked towards Abby. “Didn’t you say you would play for two more days? Are you leaving now?”

“Well, I’m busy with work. I’ll go back two days early. Sister Seren, are you here to see me off?” Abby’s eyes glanced behind Serenity twice, then turned back.

What was she still daydreaming about?

Evan wouldn’t come to see her off.

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