My Rich Wife – Chapter 2624

Chapter 2624: General’s Death

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“There indeed seems to be a protective formation. If it were an ordinary city wall, my punch would have been enough to break through it. However, judging from the current situation, it seems about time. Once we devour all the flesh within the city, we should be able to reach the True Consciousness and begin to fulfill Saint Zi Yang’s plan.”

Ming Xie frowned.

Behind him, he observed the effectiveness of his punch.

Seifer pointed forward with his withered finger. Nearly 500 necromancy knights had already mounted their horses and slowly assembled outside the eastern city wall. Once the city wall crumbled, these necromancy knights would launch a deadly charge and reap the lives of the soldiers inside the city.

In the blink of an eye, the remaining seven black dragons launched another round of attacks.

The cracks in the city wall widened once more. However, with the protection of the formation, it still held.

“It’s time.”

Ming Xie clenched his fist and leaped to the center of the city wall. With all his strength, he struck the city wall.

A ten-meter-long gap suddenly appeared in the nearly shattered eastern gate wall.

“What terrifying power! Is this truly an outsider? How can they condense such Saint Power?”

Qin Yu’s scalp tingled. His Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze perceived the power of that punch.

“It’s best if we can avoid this fellow…”

Ju Wuwei’s expression soured.

However, based on the intense shock just now, he could roughly judge that the difference between the two sides was significant.

As the city wall at the eastern gate broke, the necromancy Imights charged into the city, clashing with the defending soldiers.

The human soldiers were nearly pushed back under the relentless assault of the necromancy knights.

Even with reinforcements arriving at other gates, they still couldn’t stem the tide of retreat.

Ming Xie entered the city gate and picked up a Vajra Saber from the ground.

Wherever he went, none of the soldiers could match his prowess.

Even the most elite commando teams here couldn’t withstand him for more than a round.

In a short period, he had already claimed the lives of thirty soldiers.

“It’s too slow. The accumulation of this Saint Power is painfully sluggish.” Ming Xie frowned. Everywhere he went, blood flowed like a river.

Simultaneously, the seven black dragons had already penetrated the entire city.

With their massive bodies and terrifying speed, they wrought instant destruction upon Nine Tune City.

In the face of these seven black dragons, ordinary people were as feeble as ants.

In an instant, the entire Nine Tune City echoed with the cries of despair as the city succumbed to hopelessness.

Following closely behind were the necromancy knights, riding bone horses, streaking through the city at a terrifying pace.

Wherever they passed, all humans became their prey.

These undead harbored no mercy. Regardless of age or resistance, children, the elderly, and soldiers alike were mercilessly cut down.

“D*mn it!”

Qin Yu could no longer bear it. He loosed three arrows consecutively from the Sun Chasing Bow, each at thirty percent strength, piercing through three necromancy knights in front of him.

Ju Wuwei’s expression darkened as he swiftly dispatched the necromancy knights.

Witnessing this gruesome scene, no human could remain indifferent.

“Be cautious. Let’s not draw too much attention and attract the necromancy knights, ” Ju Wuwei warned.

With a swift stroke of his saber, Ju Wuwei decapitated a necromancy knight.

“You two, don’t stray too far from me. If I spot that guy, we’ll retreat immediately,” Qin Yu instructed, keeping a close watch on Ming Xie’s movements.

With their current strength, having spent another year within the Time Rubik’s Cube, even facing Black Dragons, Qin Yu wouldn’t be outmatched, let alone these necromancy knights.

As more and more Ogres and Giant Ogres flooded into the city, the death toll among humans skyrocketed.

“Hahaha, do you think you can evade this trial by hiding? What a group of naive outsiders…”

The old City Lord in the bunker suddenly opened his eyes, a peculiar smile adorning his face.

“It’s a shame we can’t yet confront the outsiders directly. We must swiftly locate the holder of the Heart of the Saint Kingdom. Even Seifer has managed to break through the power of Order, allowing him to assail the outsiders. Though not fatal, it’s a breakthrough nonetheless…” Cang Zhi muttered to himself.

“What’s the matter?”

Ming Xie asked softly.

“You’re heading to the general’s residence? This guy’s strength isn’t low. He should be above your current strength,” Seifer’s consciousness communicated with Ming Xie.

“Don’t worry about that. If Cang Zhi intervenes, he’ll help me block his power.” Ming Xie nodded.

“He hasn’t obtained the power of the Heart of the Saint Kingdom, so he can’t attack you for now. But just in case, I’ll keep an eye on him. Hehe, don’t die. I still need to tap into the power of your Heart of the Saint Kingdom,” Seifer’s dry laughter echoed in Ming Xie’s mind.


Ming Xie arrived at the entrance of the general’s residence and slashed the entire door to pieces.

Behind the door, a terrifying blade light slashed out.

“This kind of opponent is interesting. Those useless from before were making me sick.” Ming Xie’s face twisted into a ferocious smile as if he had anticipated this.

His fist landed on the blade light, shattering it.

He took a few steps back and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“As expected of General Li Liefei. Such terrifying power. Even my current body can’t match it. If you hadn’t been affected by Seifer’s power earlier, I wouldn’t have dared to come kill you.”

Ming Xie tossed away the Vajra Saber in his left hand. His bones crackled. Facing him was Li Liefei, holding a huge saber with a fiery red cloak draped over his shoulders.

His expression was cold as his arm moved slightly.

Another blade light slashed out, instantly causing the general’s residence to explode.

After the battle, Li Liefei’s body lay on the ground with a massive bloody hole in his chest.

His heart had already shattered.

“You can predict my blade?” Li Liefei coughed out a mouthful of blood, seeming to grasp something.

“The Heart of the Saint Kingdom, the Prelude’s Prognostication. It’s only fitting for you to die by my hand,” Ming Xie’s ribs bore a massive wound, but the blade energy had only cut through his ribs, not his internal organs.

He walked over slowly and snapped Li Liefei’s neck.

In an instant, Qin Yu, Ju Wuwei, Shen Qian, Li Yue, Xiao Yunfei, and all the other outsiders from the human race seemed to suddenly feel a loss of some kind of power.

“Not good! The rules seem to have changed. If a certain proportion of people die in this city, we might have to be wiped out directly.”

Li Yue’s face turned pale, and he dashed out of the formation on the northern axis..

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