My Rich Wife – Chapter 2625

Chapter 2625: Overt Decisive Battle

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Not only Li Yue, but almost everyone felt it.

Following Li Liefei’s death, in the world of Qin Yu’s Nine Heavens

Manifestations Gaze.

It seemed like the entire Nine Tune City had become a little blurry as if it had lost a huge amount of cosmic luck.

“You guys felt it too?”

Qin Yu’s expression became extremely ugly.

Seeing Shen Qian and Ju Wuwei nod at the same time, he was almost 100% sure.

This feeling seemed to be about to disappear. It was a mysterious sensation.

Based on their previous speculations, the difference in strength between the two sides was so great.

It should be that as long as they could defend a position in Nine Tune City, they would not be wiped out.

But now, it seemed that something had changed. They had no choice but to face the army of Nine Tune City head-on.

Seifer’s moves. ”

Shen Qian said with a bitter smile. She was at Xi Menn at that time.

However, she had witnessed General Li Liefei’s attack firsthand, yet she did not expect him to be killed by an outsider.

“It seems that Ming Xie is also injured. I’ll take this opportunity to kill as many undead as possible with the black dragons and necromancy knights. As for the rest, I’ll have to take it one step at a time!”

Qin Yu said in a low voice.

At this moment, he had already locked onto a black dragon in the distance.

While Ming Xie was injured, he wanted to find out the strength of this necromancy army.

He took a deep breath as the Sun Chasing Bow landed in his hand.

A huge force burst out from his spine.

In an instant, he used all his strength.

He pulled the Sun Chasing Bow to 80% of its strength, and the huge backlash from the bowstring caused his muscles to tremble uncontrollably.

An energy arrow slowly formed in his hand, and Qin Yu released it with two fingers.

A fiery light instantly lit up the entire night sky. In an instant, huge flames erupted from the black dragon’s body.

A thick stream of holy energy entered Qin Yu’s body, enabling the arrow to kill Ming Xie in one hit.

Now that Ming Xie couldn’t rush over, he could attack with all his might.

Qin Yu took a deep breath. His entire right arm was numb and stiff after this arrow was shot. He could not shoot at his limit for a short period.

Ju Wuwei roared. He jumped up from the ground and slashed at the five necromancy knights that were charging at them. Immediately, five skulls were sent flying.

Core explosion!

As the black dragon charged forward, the air suddenly began to boil.

A terrifying heatwave erupted, knocking it to the ground despite its thick skin and flesh.

Behind it, a person with fiery red hair slowly appeared.

He pressed down on the black dragon’s body with one hand.

Another wave of power erupted from his body.

Four consecutive explosions completely incapacitated the black dragon.

This speed was much faster than before.

Sacrificing more explosive power in exchange for faster casting time, was what Xiao Yunfei had trained in the Time Rubik’s Cube. Compared to before, he was now more practical.

“Go to hell.”

He stared indifferently at the black dragon’s head on the ground. The black dragon’s head was red and shiny, and then it exploded.

“Chessboard, the power of a master!”

In the middle of a street, nearly 20 necromancy knights were massacring the civilians in the alley.

A huge chessboard suddenly appeared in the air and smashed down like a mountain, crushing the 20 necromancy knights who died immediately.

At this moment, all the outsiders took action on their own. Now that they were facing a life-and-death situation together, no one dared to hide anything.

Shen Qian was also alone, and she killed many ogres and necromancy knights in succession.

Although she did not have any special rules and orders, she had made great progress in her battle with Ju Wuwei this year.

Moreover, Qin Yu had specially asked him to kill demonic beasts and obtained a lot of holy energy. At this moment, unless she was facing a black dragon, she would not have any problems dealing with it.

After these outsiders began to move, the necromancy army lost two black dragons and more than a hundred necromancy armies in a short period. They were also killed by countless ogres and giant ogres.

“There’s still a portion of the military forces in Nine Tune City. With our help, we can still manage to deal with it. It’s a pity that the black dragon doesn’t come near me. Otherwise, I would want to test my Tiger Wings on the black dragon.”

Ju Wuwei shook his head.

“They seem to have received some orders. Now, these black dragons are no longer approaching our side. They are only used to sporadically harass us.”

Qin Yu’s expression remained somewhat grim. All of this was contingent on that person not making a move.

Once the person who killed Li Liefei acted, how would they respond?

“You finally noticed, huh? But isn’t it a little too late? I didn’t expect Cang Zhi to be so composed. Could it be that he gained some kind of insight from the death of the Holy Lord? Even if Nine Tune City disappears, he won’t be wiped out?”

Seifer let out a dry laugh, but its expression remained unchanged, appearing quite strange.

“Everyone, this is the Transmission Snail. It’s a mysterious item I obtained earlier. Unfortunately, it can only contact everyone within Nine Tune City.”

A voice suddenly sounded in Qin Yu’s ear. The voice paused for a moment before continuing.

“Currently, all the necromancy armies are instinctively avoiding outsiders and slaughtering the city’s residents. I’ve already contacted some outsiders and sent the civilians to the northern axis. Outsiders, please gather quickly. If you need to send a message, just connect to the power of the Transmission Snail.”

“Is this a decisive battle? We won’t be able to avoid Ming Xie at all.” Shen Qian said with a bitter smile.

“There’s nothing we can do. These necromancy armies were summoned by Seifer, and his power covered the entire Nine Tune City. They can easily avoid us and massacre the city’s residents. Also, have you noticed that our strange power hasn’t diminished at all? Once it reaches a certain threshold, I’m afraid we will fail.’

Qin Yu said in a deep voice. It was an unseen force that compelled them to fight. It was inevitable.

“Let’s go. Gather all the outsiders. We don’t know who will prevail.”

Ju Wuwei said decisively.

They had already done their best to invite the Nine Tune City Lord from the bunker.

He had nullified Seifer’s attack, but he had not expected such a powerful individual to appear.

Now that Seifer had noticed the city’s changes, Qin Yu and the others could no longer deal with the black dragons and other high-level necromancy armies. They could only confront them head-on..

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