My Rich Wife – Chapter 2626

Chapter 2626: Final Duel

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As everyone gradually converged towards the northern axis, this area also began to become lively.

The city’s commoners were bewilderedly driven into this area, while outsiders and the remaining city’s military gathered here.

The remaining six Black Dragons, over 350 necromancy knights, countless ogres and giant ogres, and nearly 400 skeleton archers started appearing from all directions.

With a deep howl, Seifer’s massive carriage emerged at the rear.

Eighteen giant ogres slowly lifted the carriage forward.

“He’s here.” Qin Yu’s attention remained fixed on these figures. After nearly two hours of waiting.

Ming Xie finally appeared and stopped beside Seifer.

“How is he? How is Ming Xie now? Has he recovered from the injuries sustained in the battle with Li Liefei?” Li Yue walked up to Qin Yu, his expression grave.

“The blood on his chest hasn’t fully dried, indicating he’s still injured. He likely hasn’t fully recovered. However, considering he could defeat Li Liefei, it’s unlikely we can defeat him without cooperation.” Qin Yu shook his head, having pondered this scenario countless times.

As Seifer’s withered bone claw moved, Qin Yu heard the obscure sound of a bowstring.

The last skeleton archer had fully drawn their bow.

With the crisp sound of the bowstring releasing, the sky was filled with black arrows.

In an instant, nearly 50 human soldiers were slain by these arrows.

The arrows fired by these skeleton archers were potent, even outsiders like them dared not let them strike directly.

“I need to go and attack these skeleton archers. Otherwise, the soldiers of Nine Tune City will be annihilated,” Ju Wuwei spoke in a deep voice.

“Be cautious. Don’t get surrounded. If Ming Xie makes any moves, we’ll contact all the outsiders and strike immediately,” Qin Yu said and nodded. These skeleton archers had average defenses, similar to ogres.

The current human soldiers couldn’t compare to them.

However, in the subsequent onslaught of the necromancy army, they also proved to be a formidable force of resistance. If they were all slaughtered, there would be no one left to protect the civilians of Nine Tune City.

With Ju Wuwei’s strength, if he could charge in, the threat of these archers would be significantly reduced.

“Brother Qin Yu, I’ll go too!” Shen Qian joined Ju Wuwei.

Suddenly, the two black dragons spiraled up into the air and dove toward the human soldiers and the outsiders attacking from behind.


A wave of heat swept up, and a terrifying blast of hot air erupted between the two black dragons.

The shockwave sent them flying. Xiao Yunfei lowered his hand, and the red glow in his eyes gradually faded.

Although this allowed Ju Wuwei and the others to successfully break into the midst of the skeleton archers, Xiao Yunfei’s face still bore a hint of paleness, indicating he had overexerted himself.

Qin Yu kept his gaze fixed on Ming Xie, but he saw no movement from him. He breathed a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, the skeleton archers fell into disarray.

The front-line units of the necromancy army began their deadly charge.

Countless ogres charged into the fray, unafraid of death, even though their current strength was insufficient to pose a threat to the outsiders.

However, they were effective in depleting the enemy’s energy reserves.

They now exerted immense pressure on the outsiders, forcing the few major combatants on their side to take action against these units.

Otherwise, the enemy could easily break through their defenses and slaughter all the soldiers.

Qin Yu released another arrow, inflicting severe injuries on a black dragon with 70% of her strength.

Following that, the human soldiers finished it off.

Qin Yu gripped the Vajra Saber, still hesitant to use the Shadowless Blade.

This was an incomplete secret treasure, and each use depleted his energy.

Everywhere he went, except for the black dragon, all other necromancy creatures fell to a single blow.

During his year in the Time Rubik’s Cube, his combat skills had reached new heights, far surpassing the capabilities of these necromancy creatures.

With a deafening roar, a massive black shadow suddenly descended upon them.

A black dragon swooped down, releasing a putrid breath that instantly engulfed the area.

Chess, balance.

A massive chessboard suddenly appeared above Qin Yu’s head, intercepting the putrid internal qi.

Qin Yu’s body moved, gripping the Shadowless Blade tightly.

His hand swept across like lightning, and in an instant, the black dragon’s head flew off.

“What a sharp Shadowless Blade,” Qin Yu exclaimed, surprised by its potency on his first use.

But he didn’t anticipate its sharpness to surpass his expectations. With just one stroke, the power of the Shadowless Blade visibly diminished.

Over four hours, both the necromancy army and the human forces suffered heavy casualties.

Many outsiders, including Qin Yu, Ju Wuwei, Li Yue, and Xiao Yunfei, were also exhausted, having expended a tremendous amount of energy.

Their participation was crucial, as the remaining soldiers of Nine Tune City wouldn’t stand a chance otherwise.

By now, all the black dragons had been slain, with only a few knights remaining.

Ming Xie and Seifer observed the battle with cold indifference, clearly intending to deplete the strength of the outsiders with the necromancy army.

“It won’t be long now, Lord Dao Saint. Soon, I will be able to harness the power of the Saint Kingdom,” Ming Xie declared, opening his eyes lazily.

“Are you prepared to die, or do you dare to challenge me?” he taunted the outsiders. “From what I’ve seen, your performance against these weak armies has been pathetic. You’re so weak that I’m not even motivated to fight you.”

Ming Xie then leisurely strolled towards the northern area, a disdainful smile playing on his lips.

“Are you playing games with me?” Xiao Yunfei retorted, his eyes glowing red. Suddenly, the temperature around him surged, and then erupted.

“Attempting to attack me after such a short buildup? Are you trying to tickle me?” he exclaimed incredulously.

Xiao Yunfei was stunned by the revelation.

Ming Xie continued his advance without pause, showing no signs of injury despite Xiao Yunfei’s core explosion.

Chess, master!

A colossal chessboard rose and crashed onto Ming Xie’s body.

His body trembled momentarily before he raised his hand and shattered the chessboard with a single punch.

Li Yue’s face turned pale. The chessboard breaking seemed to have caused him some backlash..

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