My Rich Wife – Chapter 2627

Chapter 2627: Going All Out

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Ming Xie sighed lightly and continued to walk slowly towards the northern axis.

“It’s still too much of a waste of time. With useless like you, there’s no need to wait for the necromancy army to exhaust you.”

Almost a year into the Path of Heaven, the name ‘Ming’ in the monster territory almost made all the monster race living beings tremble in fear.

It especially picked the top geniuses of the monster territory to challenge, but they were only primitive monster territory living beings.

Even the human geniuses who had fallen into the monster race were all its targets.

He was once the top genius of the monster race royal family.

It was also talented in cultivation. It was still rare to find a match in this dark monster territory.

In the long years, this invincible life of his had long meaningless.

In his decadent life, his name gradually disappeared from the monster realm.

It was only when Saint Zi Yang rescued his soul from the ghost realm and allowed him to come to this Saint Kingdom that he became interested.

In this Saint Kingdom, the top geniuses chosen by the various Saints gathered.

However, from the looks of it, it was only so for the time being. Ju Wuwei took a deep breath and slowly stood in front of Ming Xie.

“This time, you will die.”

Ming Xie recognized Ju Wuwei.

Ju Wuwei ignored Ming Xie’s words. He walked toward Ming Xie step by step, and his aura had already reached its peak.


With the crisp sound of a blade being unsheathed, Ju Wuwei arrived in front of Ming Xie.

As soon as the voice rang out, the blade light had already arrived.

This blade flare was the most lethal blade flare that Ju Wuwei had unleashed after entering the Time Rubik’s Cube.

When the blade was still one meter away from Ming Xie, the blade light had already reached Ming Xie’s head.


Ming Xie tilted his head slightly, and the blade light slashed at his side.

Then, he punched out and landed on Ju Wuwei’s chest.

It was the same fist force!

The position where the fist force was emitted was even more powerful and farther away than Ju Wuwei.

Ju Wuwei instinctively covered his chest with his Tiger Wings the moment Ming Xie raised his hand.

The Tiger Wings bent like bowstrings once again, and the huge force sent Ju Wuwei flying.

“Let’s attack together!”

All of a sudden, the communication talisman connected everyone and transmitted the voice into everyone’s sea of consciousness.

The chess game, the trap of the dragon.

Li Yue’s chessboard in his left hand suddenly transformed into a blast of green energy.

The next moment, the chessboard had already arrived in the area where Ming

Xie was located.

The grid lines on the chessboard lit up, transforming into one deadly rope after another.

These ropes, like a tangled mess, weaved around Ming Xie, completely encircling him.

Ming Xie approached the edge of the grid lines and delivered a powerful punch.

“What resilient power. Is this the order of the Heart of the Saint Kingdom? But this won’t be enough to trap me,” Ming Xie remarked with interest.


Qin Yu abruptly pulled the bowstring of the Sun Chasing Bow to its utmost limit. He had been steadfastly staring at Ming Xie’s position, and just as Ming Xie attempted to break through the trap of the dragon once more, the arrow exploded right before him.

Intense flames shot up into the sky, and once again, Qin Yu’s fist precisely collided with the energy arrow of the Sun Chasing Bow.

Qin Yu’s right arm trembled madly. He had already pulled the arrow to its maximum tension.

He stretched it to eighty percent of its strength and even strained to pull a little more.

“You have timing, strength, and speed. It seems like this is your best shot, but it’s still not enough, ” Ming Xie remarked.

Half of Ming Xie’s fist was completely shattered, and blood dripped onto the ground.

Thick Saint Power enveloped his entire palm, gradually repairing it.


Qin Yu closed his eyes, and the Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze suddenly opened wide.

An unparalleled power burst forth like an uncontrollable volcano.

That terrifying force pulled at his entire soul, leaving him somewhat dizzy.

Qin Yu gritted his teeth and forcefully narrowed the scope of the Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze.

Blood spurted from the Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze. All the power it had condensed erupted fiercely in this battle.

This was the culmination of the eye’s power, an attack that could change the heavens and the earth.

Energy swirled around the area, and a whirlwind even stirred up on the spot.

When the storm subsided, Ming Xie’s figure suddenly appeared amidst the dust.

He crossed his arms in front of him, effectively blocking all fatal aspects of the storm with his hands.

At this moment, his hands were riddled with holes, and his body was drenched in blood, indicating he had sustained significant injuries.

“Hahaha, how interesting! It’s been a while since I’ve been injured in a battle. Is this some innate power, or is it the power of the Saint Kingdom? You already possess the power of order, your current physical body alone cannot match it.” Ming Xie laughed loudly.

In the next moment, his body vanished from its previous location.

“Oh no!” Qin Yu’s alertness surged as Ming Xie disappeared.

His bloodshot Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze opened again, and the remaining 30% of his power burst forth without hesitation.

“Hmm? You still have some strength left. Your awareness is not bad, but this strength can’t stop me!” Ming Xie remarked.

Suddenly, a strange force erupted in front of Qin Yu, tearing through the destructive force of the Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze and striking Qin Yu’s body.

Qin Yu’s vision turned blood-red in an instant as the terrifying force instantly killed him.

“A mysterious item?”

Observing Qin Yu’s formless state, Ming Xie furrowed his brow slightly.

“What frightening power, a formidable physique, and such incredible speed.

How did he develop such abilities?”

Qin Yu had previously only displayed his powerful physique, but Ming Xie hadn’t anticipated his speed to be equally terrifying.

He had almost been unable to track his movements with his eyes just now. To lock onto him, perhaps only the Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze would suffice.

Qin Yu, in his formless state, quickly strategized.

With this attack, his hat of the void shattered completely. No trace of energy remained.

Surrounded by Saint Power, Qin Yu’s body emitted thick Saint Power once more, gradually healing his injuries.

“There’s still some Saint Power left?” Li Yue smiled wryly.

However, even after the Saint Power had healed him, visible injuries remained, bringing a collective sigh of relief from the onlookers.

Crack! Going all out!

Taking advantage of the few dozen breaths of time, Li Yue’s consumed medicinal power gradually replenished.

A fierce determination flashed in his eyes as he unleashed nearly seventy percent of the Explosive Blood Pill from his mouth.

This was the maximum dose of the Explosive Blood Pill he had calculated previously. While it would have serious consequences, it wouldn’t be fatal. With a sufficient amount of Saint Power, slow recovery was feasible..

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