My Rich Wife – Chapter 2628

Chapter 2628: Gone Without Returning

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Now, this trump card had to be brought into play.

In an instant, his skin turned crimson.

There was a visible heat emanating with each breath, and even a faint sound emitted from his soul.

The sound resembled boiling water as the chessboard in his hand once again became clear and condensed.

The chess game, the trap of the dragon!

At that moment, he struck again. This time, the grid lines of the trap of the dragon surged from his hand, thicker and more powerful than before.

These grid lines almost completely engulfed Ming Xie’s entire form.

After unleashing this move, Li Yue’s body suddenly collapsed to the ground, lacking even the strength to stand.

Accompanying him in taking the Explosive Blood Pill was Xiao Yunfei, whose eyes glowed red.

In the darkness, like a sinister night wolf, terrifying waves of heat continued to emanate within the trap of the dragon.

In an instant, the two of them joined forces for a decisive blow.

The core, exploding!

The entire area erupted into chaos.

The force of the explosion even pushed bystanders several steps backward.

This eruption of power surpassed even the previous explosion in the necromancy camp.

The Heart of the Saint Kingdom, Prelude’s Prognostication.

Suddenly, all the scenes froze in Ming Xie’s mind.

Wave after wave of explosions replayed incessantly.

He resisted time and time again. Death, severe injuries, minor injuries…

Scenes upon scenes played out in another dimension.

This was the power bestowed upon him by Zi Yang. Upon entering the Saint Kingdom, he quickly obtained this Heart of Saint Kingdom.

Relying on this Heart of Saint Kingdom, he had slaughtered countless living beings of higher realms.

Even amidst the dense fog, he remained utterly fearless, using the Heart of Saint Kingdom to slay numerous living beings within it. This was also why his soul’s Saint Power was so formidable.

While outsiders cautiously explored, he fearlessly strode into the fog of the Dao Mystical Saint Kingdom.

Thus, the immense gap they witnessed. This cycle of rehearsal repeated hundreds of times in Ming Xie’s mind.

However, to onlookers, no changes were discernible. “Eight Extremities Fist.”

Amid the explosion, a voice suddenly floated out.

At this moment, within Qin Yu’s Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze World, he could clearly ‘see’ a layer of earth energy slowly permeating out. It seeped into the boundless sea of blood, and then a terrifying fist intent suddenly emanated.

This force resembled Ju Wuwei’s, but Qin Yu could sense that it was far stronger than Ju Wuwei’s blade force.

In an instant, the dull vibration of a massive hammer striking the ground reverberated.

A surge of air burst forth from the high-temperature sphere created by the core explosion.

That violent force struck Xiao Yunfei, who was already powerless, melting his entire body into gas.

A figure covered in blood slowly emerged from the high- temperature sphere.

Qin Yu’s expression was one of shock. With his strengthened soul power, the potency of his Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze had also significantly increased. He had just clearly discerned Ming Xie’s movements.

Ming Xie seemed to have anticipated the explosion. He avoided its center and swiftly landed ahead of it.

Then, as the airwave exploded behind him, he leveraged its terrifying impact.

He unleashed a fierce punch, tearing open a path through the sphere.

Subsequently, he darted out of the explosion’s range. Only then did the sphere unleash its most substantial blast.

It could be said that even if Qin Yu observed the entire process and attempted to replicate it, he wouldn’t have achieved such perfection.

A dreadful suspicion crossed his mind, prompting him to immediately contact the Transmission Snail.

“This individual possesses a power akin to deduction. He can foresee all attacks in advance and then mount his counteroffensive!”

Although he hadn’t devised a plan to confront him yet, disseminating this information to everyone might prove advantageous for the impending battle.

“It appears he no longer possesses any residual Saint Power.”

The Transmission Snail seemed to have gleaned some insight.

“Hahahaha, intriguing, intriguing! You’re compelling me to employ my most potent ‘force.’ This locale is indeed vastly more captivating than the monster realm!”

Ming Xie laughed, seemingly unfazed by his injuries.

Despite being wounded, his aura hadn’t significantly diminished.

At this moment, almost all of the strongest individuals present had already acted, and their current condition was also extremely poor.

Apart from the deceased Xiao Yunfei, Li Yue had also completely lost his combat strength.

He had already fallen into a semi-conscious state, and he did not even have the strength to think.

Ju Wuwei suddenly landed in front of Ming Xie. He stared at Ming Xie for a long time before speaking.

“Don’t attack. I’m going to strike him again.”

He wasn’t addressing Ming Xie, but communicating with everyone else through the power of the Transmission Snail.

Ming Xie looked at Ju Wuwei with interest.

“I didn’t want to employ those Order of Rules upon arriving here. I simply wished to carve a path with the blade in my hand. However, upon seeing the strength of your fist, I wanted to give it a try. I’ve contemplated this blade for a long time within this Saint Kingdom, yet I’ve not yet mastered it with my current strength.

Ju Wuwei’s eyes flickered with the joy of seeing prey.

In his world, there were only adversaries.

Even when he had struck Ming Xie with a punch before, he thought it was due to some special power. But upon witnessing the recent punch, he saw the earth-shattering might.

This punch was even more domineering than his blade, so he could no longer contain himself.

An Explosive Blood Pill was crushed at the corner of his mouth, and the acrid scent of burning blood energy spread from his body.

“Hahahahaha! You’re right, this place is indeed very interesting! With someone as strong as you.”

Ju Wuwei held the Tiger Wings and saluted Ming Xie with his blade.

“It’s a one-way trip. He burned his soul power to unleash this attack. As expected, those who wield blades are all lunatics. I won’t employ any Order of Rules sequence for this punch. Come on!”

Ming Xie also laughed maniacally.

The two of them instantly rushed towards each other at the same time, and in an instant, they had already executed their killing moves.

Wood Burning Blade!

At this moment, Ju Wuwei suddenly slashed out 81 times. In less than two breaths, these 81 blades had been unleashed to their heart’s content.

After these 81 slashes, the heat wave from the Tiger Wings surged into the sky, and the blade suddenly emitted a fierce flame.

There was no turning back for this slash.

It descended upon Ming Xie’s body, but Ming Xie was not willing to be outdone.

When the earth qi that filled the sky entered his body, a powerful and heavy Eight Extremities Fist that was like a huge hammer was also unleashed..

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