The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6204

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6204-A deafening dragon roar resounded within the Xyndaros Genesis World as tens of thousands of golden dragons soared out, swiftly repelling the dozens of Javerigh Sect peak Ninth Tribulation powerhouses who had joined the battle.

Under the sweep of these tens of thousands of golden dragons, more than a dozen peak Ninth Tribulation powerhouses were instantly annihilated, while the remaining ones suffered heavy injuries and were forced to retreat.

Witnessing this shocking scene, Waldo’s expression turned pale with astonishment. “The Great Wyrm! It’s Lyla Moran, the Law Enforcement Great Elder of the Timaeus Sect.”

With his exclamation, Lyla transformed into a massive golden dragon and charged out. A figure shook in the void, and more than a dozen peak Ninth Tribulation powerhouses from the Javerigh Sect fell instantly.

In the face of absolute strength, the strong were nightmares for the weak, especially someone like Lyla on the battlefield.

“Oh my God!” Bertholas sucked in a breath of cold air. “With just one move, she claimed the lives of more than thirty of our peak Ninth Tribulation powerhouses.

What a terrifying existence!” “This shouldn’t be happening!” Waldo roared angrily. “The Javerigh Sect is an important member of the Righteous Alliance, and the Timaeus Sect is the leader of the alliance. How could they dispatch Lyla to massacre my army?”

Bertholas immediately infused his Genesis Power and roared, “Elder Lyla, we’re the Javerigh Sect of the Righteous Alliance. What do you intend to do?’ Lyla, who was slaughtering dozens of powerhouses from the Javerigh Sect, replied coldly, “Whoever trespasses into the Xyndaros Genesis World shall be killed without mercy, regardless of who they are.”

Upon hearing this, Bertholas trembled all over. He felt a chill down his spine.

Waldo waved his hand immediately. “Bertholas, order the troops to retreat immediately, or else we’ll all perish here.”

Bertholas’ face was filled with fear as he hurriedly issued the order to retreat.

Upon receiving the command, the Javerigh Sect army quickly ceased their charge and retreated hundreds of light-years to stabilize their formation.

Looking back at the void, the peak Ninth Tribulation powerhouses of the Javerigh Sect who had been battling Lyla and the other two female powerhouses were now heavily injured, with fewer than ten remaining immediately leaving the battlefield.

On the edge of the Xyndaros Genesis World, the two female powerhouses transformed into Xitlaly and Rebella and appeared alongside Lyla. They formed a triangular formation and emitted a chilling aura.

Looking at the ground, countless limbs and severed arms piled up like mountains, heads and bodies flying in all directions, creating a scene of carnage resembling a purgatory.

The combined efforts of the three super female powerhouses had caused the Javerigh Sect army to lose billions in an instant, along with the casualties of more than sixty peak Ninth Tribulation powerhouses.

Such a record was enough to shock the entire Genesis World, whether it was within the Righteous Alliance or the new alliance.

Waldo and Bertholas were gripped by panic as they witnessed all of this unfold at the forefront of the Javerigh Sect army.

They had fought countless battles with the new alliance and clashed with numerous powerhouses but had never experienced such a disastrous defeat.

They were being thoroughly beaten while facing only three female powerhouses, leaving them utterly powerless to fight back. It was a humiliating defeat.

Taking a deep breath, Bertholas whispered, “Master, could it be that we’ve been manipulated by Gladwin?” “What do you mean?” Waldo frowned.

“He lured US here to reinforce the Xyndaros Genesis World, but it was all a trap.” Bertholas furrowed his brow. “He deliberately sent Lyla to deplete our peak Ninth Tribulation powerhouses so he could annex our sect.”

Waldo raised his head, his expression sinister. “Now that our Javerigh Sect’s Genesis Region has become the main battlefield, regardless of the outcome, our sect will be reduced to ruins, and our vitality greatly damaged. Could it be true as you say?”

Just as his words fell, a handsome young living being clad in a black robe suddenly stepped out of the void from the Xyndaros Genesis World. He did not exude much Qrohm, but he stood in front of the three super female powerhouses with his hands behind his back. He was clearly taking the lead.

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