The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6205

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6205-“It’s him!” Bertholas exclaimed the moment he saw the man.

“Do you know him?” Waldo furrowed his brow.

“I remember him,” said Bertholas with shock. “Back in the Zephyria World, he was the lucky one chosen when Franciscus was selecting his successor. What was his name again? It suddenly slipped my mind.” “It’s been a while, Bertholas,” suddenly shouted the young living being across from them.

Bertholas was taken aback and quickly looked up.

“He’s calling you,” said Waldo softly. “Go out and respond.” “Should I go alone?”

asked Bertholas apprehensively.

“Bertholas Jhork.” Waldo’s expression darkened. “Your cultivation base is at the peak of the Ninth Tribulation. You’re the future hope of the Javerigh Sect. How will you inherit the sect if you don’t even have this much courage?” Bertholas felt ashamed at being reprimanded. He gritted his teeth and immediately stepped into the void, stopping at a distance far from the living beings.

“I never thought that we would meet again under these circumstances after parting ways in the Zephyria World.

“I remember you.” Bertholas pointed at the living being and exclaimed,” You’re James Caden?” “You finally remember me,” James chuckled. “You’re also a powerhouse at the peak of the Ninth Tribulation now, right? So, are we going to continue our battle?” “No, wait.” Bertholas hastily waved his hand. “First, tell me, are you friend or foe?” “That’s hard to say.” James shrugged.

“Are you with the Righteous Alliance or the new alliance?” Bertholas pressed on. “Elder Lyla standing behind you is the Law Enforcement Great Elder of the Timaeus Sect. Have you also joined the Timaeus Sect?” “Well, that’s one way to put it.” James nodded with a smile. “I’m now an elder of the Timaeus Sect, second only to Gladwin.”

At this revelation, Bertholas nearly stumbled. “Since you’re an elder of the Timaeus Sect, why are you in conflict with US? Don’t you know we are also members of the Righteous Alliance?” “I’m just following orders.” James spread his hands. “Our Great Protector instructed US to guard the Xyndaros Genesis World, reinforce the recently rehabilitated Behaterm Sect, and annihilate any force that comes to attack, all beyond the borders.” Bertholas gasped in shock. ‘The Behaterm Sect has been rehabilitated and joined the Righteous Alliance?” “Nope.” James shook his head with a smile.

‘They joined the Timaeus Sect.” “Well, it turns out the Timaeus Sect is indeed ruthless.” Bertholas erupted in anger. “Setting up such a trap, intending to deplete the strength of the Javerigh Sect and then swallow US up.” “Don’t be so hysterical.” James chuckled. “What’s wrong with the Timaeus Sect? By incorporating you, we can provide you with better resources for cultivation…”

“Shut up, James Caden,” roared Bertholas. ‘The Javerigh Sect is one of the oldest Orthodox in the Ancient Genesis World. We’re much stronger than the Timaeus Sect. It’s foolish of you to think of annexing US.” “Sigh, they say those who recognize the situation are wise.” James shook his head helplessly.

“I was thinking of our friendship in the Zephyria World and originally wanted to have a friendly discussion with you, but it seems you’re stubborn. Looks like we’ll have to resort to force.”

With that, he waved his hand. “Prepare to unleash a massacre. The Behaterm Sect army has already cut off their retreat route.”

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