The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6206

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6206-Bertholas was shocked and angry when looking at James. He waved his hand and shouted, “Wait, let’s clarify things before resorting to violence.”

“What are we waiting for?” asked James impatiently. “Do you have any last words?”

“James Caden…” Bertholas roared, “Are you sure you’re doing this under the orders of Gladwin?”

“Of course,” James sighed softly. “This is the command we’ve received. Given our relationship, I’ll grant you the time to make your final arrangements and organize your army. Then, we’ll initiate our attack to usher you into reincarnation.”

“You… you’re simply…” Bertholas’ words were cut off as he saw a Truett rising behind James. A Sword Energy descended from the sky towards him.

Bertholas immediately recoiled in fear.

Seeing this, Truett burst into laughter. “So, this is the successor of the Javerigh Sect, known as the top talent. Seems quite underwhelming, doesn’t he?”

“He’s not scared by your Sword Energy, but rather by the terrifying power of the This left Truett speechless.

Xatia, who appeared behind James, asked, “Master, is this part of your plan?”

James nodded with a smile. “I was just trying it out, but I didn’t expect to actually frighten them.”

“What’s the purpose?” asked Rebella. “Simply to buy time and force them into retreat?”

“To sow discord,” James said coldly. “We came here under the guise of Gladwin’s orders, killing so many Javerigh Sect powerhouses. Naturally, they’ll blame it on the Timaeus Sect.”

“Exactly!” Xitlaly suddenly realized. “In that case, the Javerigh Sect is likely to break away from the Righteous Alliance led by the Timaeus Sect.”

“Aren’t you too confident?” Truett sneered. “Won’t the Javerigh Sect’s senior authorities confront the Timaeus Sect? Gladwin can speak for himself. Can’t he explain it clearly?”

“He might not be able to,” Xatia chuckled. “Except for Xitlaly, we were originally all members of the Timaeus Sect, and now we still have the sect’s waist pendant and the divine light of the sect’s lineage. The Javerigh Sect powerhouses surely recognized that.”

At this point, Lyla asked James, “Should we continue with the killings?”

“No rush.” James smiled. “I’ve given them the time it takes to burn three incense sticks. They should retreat if they’re smart enough. Otherwise, inflicting significant casualties on the elite of the Javerigh Sect in this Xyndaros Genesis World will severely weaken them. Even if they withdraw from the Righteous Alliance later, they’ll hardly be of much use.”

Upon hearing James’ words, several living beings exchanged glances. They felt that James had woven a vast conspiracy. Not only did it envelop the new alliance led by the Yaquis Sect, but it also covered the Righteous Alliance led by the Timaeus Sect.

Thinking it over, capturing the Sanctum Genesis World, losing the Behaterm Sect on this side, and now fighting for the Xyndaros Genesis World, James was orchestrating a plan to turn the Javerigh Sect against the Timaeus Sect. Every step seemed premeditated as if they had all become pawns on a chessboard.

Just then, a dense army suddenly appeared to the north of the Javerigh Sect army. From their banners, it was clear they were the elites of the Behaterm Sect.

Their battle cries reverberated through the heavens, like a torrent surging toward a dam, aimed squarely at the Javerigh Sect army.

At the same time, the Sanctum Sect army led by Wylie also appeared in the south.

The two armies began to encircle the Javerigh Sect army from both sides, causing their formation to suddenly erupt into chaos.

However, the Javerigh Sect army did not engage these two forces head- on.

Instead, they used a small portion of their forces to block the rear while the main force quickly retreated to the east.

James received a transmission from Bertholas. “You’re ruthless, James Caden.

Let’s see how this unfolds. The Timaeus Sect must pay the price for this conflict.”


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