The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6207

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6207-James could not help but laugh upon hearing the transmission.

“They’ve retreated.” Truett laughed heartily, it seems like Gladwin is stuck holding the bag.”

The other female living beings excitedly chuckled among themselves as well, except for Lyla. She approached James and said, “Gladwin won’t just let it go as we frame him.”

‘Til wait for him right here.” James grinned. “He’ll come soon.”

At his words, Lyla furrowed her brows. “You’ve already anticipated this?”

James turned to her with a mischievous smile. “Those who don’t consider the overall situation aren’t fit to plan a region. Those who don’t consider everything aren’t fit to plan a moment.”

Lyla sighed lightly in resignation. “Is scheming really that effective? It seems like eventually, it’ll backfire on oneself. Can’t we keep it simple?”

“I don’t want to scheme either.” James shrugged. “If our opponent wants to play games, I can only fight fire with fire.

“Moreover, our Jademora Empire is too weak right now. It’s hard to establish ourselves in this cruel world without borrowing power and influence. If I had the strength of the Timaeus Sect and the Yaquis Sect, I could directly crush any enemy with force. Who would bother scheming then?”

Lyla remained silent.

“Enough.” James turned around and shouted, “Recall the Behaterm Sect and the Sanctum Sect armies to return to the border. We shall celebrate with wine and await the arrival of our old friend to face justice.”

The other living beings looked bewildered as James leaped towards the border of the Xyndaros Genesis World.

In the central tent of the Righteous Alliance, Gladwin paced anxiously. He had just received the extremely bad news that all the forces of the Javerigh Sect had suddenly withdrawn from the battlefield, retracting their defenses and returning to headquarters.

Confused and frustrated, he was about to send someone to demand an explanation when a record energy ball drifted down from the Tai Chi amid the sky.

The energy ball completely reproduced the scenes of James and the others confronting the Javerigh Sect’s army, including a series of conversations between James and Bertholas.

After watching it, Gladwin became extremely anxious. He immediately sent envoys from the Timaeus Sect to request an audience with the Pavilion Master of the Javerigh Sect, but there had been no response so far.

Just as he was about to erupt in anger, he suddenly received a report that the envoys sent to the Javerigh Sect had all been detained, and the sect even sent out a large army towards the direction of the Timaeus Sect for defense.

The Javerigh Sect was extremely angry about what happened in the Xyndaros Genesis World and did not even give him a chance to explain.

“James Caden, you cunning fox!” Gladwin gritted his teeth. “Is there any news from the front lines? I have urgent matters to attend to.”

At that moment, a beautiful female powerhouse flew in and immediately knelt.

“Report, Great Protector. We have successfully seized control of the Havenheim Genesis World. The rebel forces of the new alliance were compelled to retreat to the Divine Genesis World.”

“Good!” Gladwin clapped his hands. “Have Elder Mitchell and Leader Xerath take charge to prevent any counterattack from the rebels. I need to go out for a while. Be on high alert.”

With that, he disappeared without waiting for the female powerhouse to respond.

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