The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6209

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6209-On the border of the Xyndaros Genesis World, James and the others gathered around a bonfire, enjoying themselves with drinks and lively conversation. A few Wylie.

After clinking glasses with James, Truett gulped down his drink and glanced at the absent-minded Yancy.

“Are you still with US, Sir Yancy?” Truett chuckled.

Yancy’s face twitched as he looked at James. “Master, is… is Gladwin really coming?”

“He probably will,” James laughed. “Of course, if he has a chance to explain things to the Javerigh Sect, he might bring his army. Then, it’ll inevitably be another bloody battle.”

At this, Yancy’s hand trembled, and his wine glass slipped into the fire.

James sneered upon seeing him lose his composure. “What’s the matter, are you scared?”

“He is a Quasi Daelcon Rank powerhouse,” Yancy said with a bitter face.”

Master, why do we have to provoke such a transcendent powerhouse?”

“We’re not the ones provoking him.” James toyed with his wine glass. “We need to take control of the Xyndaros Genesis World, which will inevitably lead to conflict. Since conflict is unavoidable, we might as well make it grander.”

“I know your strengths are formidable, and there are hardly any opponents within the peak of Ninth Tribulation,” Yancy said helplessly. “However, we still wouldn’t be a match for a Quasi Daelcon Rank powerhouse even if we join forces. If Gladwin gets angry and kills US all, wouldn’t that be unfair?”

Listening to this, James exchanged a smile with Truett.

Then, Truett waved his hand. “I guarantee you. Gladwin wouldn’t dare to kill us.”

“Why?” Yancy frowned.

“Idiot!” Wylie dashed out from behind James. “It’s been half an epoch, and the Genesis World has started a major armistice.”

“Yep! Anyone who dares to stir up trouble during the armistice period will be wiped out by the Skynet and the lustus Sect, in alliance with the new alliance,”

said Xatia with a smile.

Upon hearing this, Yancy suddenly realized. “Oh, the major armistice has already begun. At least there won’t be any killing for the time being…”

As he spoke, he suddenly looked up again, his face becoming solemn. “The major armistice will end eventually. When that happens, if he wants to crush us, won’t it be as easy as crushing ants?”

Everyone fell silent.

“After the major armistice, we won’t be so easily killed by anyone,” said James, pouring himself another glass of wine.

Looking at James, everyone was stunned, thinking he was too arrogant.

The major armistice would not last more than two epochs at most. For living beings of their cultivation base, two epochs would pass in the blink of an eye.

They wondered if they could produce a Quasi Daelcon Rank powerhouse.

Just then, a violent wave of fluctuations suddenly emanated from the void, followed by a dazzling golden light expanding rapidly.

The entire Xyndaros Genesis World was enveloped in a brilliant golden light as if a god was about to descend.

James and the others instantly felt imprisoned under the golden light, a terrifying oppression pressing down on the depths of their souls.

under immense pressure. The newly activated Genesis Divine Light on their bodies quickly collapsed, and cracks began to appear on their bodies.


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