The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6210

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6210-James poured himself another drink nonchalantly and said, “Are you really making such a fuss and planning to kill me just because of the Javerigh Sect matter?”

“Do you have any other accusations to throw at me?” Gladwin was angry.

James toyed with the wineglass in his hand and chuckled. “Great Protector, it’s one thing if you don’t protect your own, but it’s quite disappointing to see you turning against US.”

Upon hearing this, Gladwin looked bewildered. “What do you mean, brat?”

“We did indeed attack the Javerigh Sect army,” said James calmly.” However, none of this would have happened if they hadn’t encroached upon our Xyndaros Genesis World.”

“You’re shameless, brat!” Gladwin exclaimed angrily. “The Xyndaros Genesis World is part of my Righteous Alliance. You’ve occupied it. Is it wrong for me to order the Javerigh Sect to reinforce it?”

“Of course it’s wrong,” James said to Gladwin, spreading his hands. “Have you forgotten who we are and what our identities are?”

Gladwin widened his eyes. “This…”

“Me and Truett are elders of Mount Martialis in the Timaeus Sect,” said James word by word. “Lyla is the Law Enforcement Great Elder. Rebella, Xatia, and comrades of the same sect.”

James sighed with some bitterness. “Great Protector, relying on just a few of us, we finally reclaimed the Xyndaros Genesis World from the invasion of the new alliance, bringing glory to the Timaeus Sect. Yet, we’re treated as criminals instead of heroes?”

Gladwin was stunned. “You… this…”

James snorted, “You didn’t even investigate the situation, and just sent the Javerigh Sect to reclaim the Xyndaros Genesis World we took over. How would I know if they came to snatch the world and who commanded them?

“What’s more, when their army arrived and launched a direct attack, should we have just stood there and taken it?”

Listening to James’ words, Gladwin could not help but laugh. “You little brat, now you’re admitting to being an elder of the Timaeus Sect. During the time in the Demon Region, I tried to persuade you to return to the sect, but you…”

“You’re wrong again.” James interrupted Gladwin. “Last time in the Demon Region, you suggested we take our time to consider. Besides, earlier in the main hall of the lustus Sect Headquarters, you urged me to finish my own business quickly and return to the Timaeus Sect sooner because of the shortage of manpower, didn’t you?”

Gladwin was dumbfounded by James’ retort.

James raised his voice and shouted, “If I hadn’t considered US members of the Timaeus Sect, I could have exposed the whereabouts of the Yaquis Holiness’ son right in front of him, and even revealed your and Xachar/s secrets. Do I need to say more about the crisis you faced?”

Gladwin was speechless. He had not expected James to be so slippery. James had clearly been trying to sow discord, but now it seemed like he was the one being wronged. He truly was a cunning little fox.

Gladwin could not continue this pointless argument with James, or he would eventually run out of excuses and fall into his trap.

Thinking this, Gladwin stared coldly at James again. “Let’s not dwell on past matters for now. I’ll ask you, now that you’ve offended the Javerigh Sect under my banner, it could lead to them leaving the Righteous Alliance, or even weaken our alliance and lose to the new alliance. How do you intend to make amends?”

“You’re finally getting to the point.” James gave Gladwin a disdainful look.” So, are you not going to pursue the matter of this battle anymore?”

“I don’t have time to argue with you about this now.” Gladwin pointed at James.

“I want you to figure out how you’ve offended the Javerigh Sect and bring them back. Otherwise, I won’t let you off easily.”

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